Invite Lasting Change Through Self – Awareness


Can your family life benefit from more peace and harmony? Do family patterns of frustration or anger pop up and create misunderstanding or disruption? Perhaps there is room for improvement in your relationship with your partner: to become more loving, compassionate & supportive. Or an issue with a child: confidence problems, anxiety issues, lack of motivation, procrastination, lack of respect need solving?

If you have any day to day volatility in your family life and want a jet-speed way to understand how to transform the situation for the better, you are in the right place. Learn how to change behaviour (from inside out) and neutralize the noise of the inner, non serving critic that perpetuates ideas of fear and lack (some of which, that have been inherited from earlier generations as now is proven by science)


Benefits of Family Mentoring and Facilitation of Change


As a Family Transformation Educator and facilitator of the Dalian Method, I help to achieve lasting change that leads to outcomes that we can all benefit from in our home!

As we work together progressively you will experience the following results:




How Change Occurs


You learn how to attract more bliss and joy into your life, through the use of revolutionary concepts and tools created by the profound wisdom of luminaries, Osho and Mada Dalian. They have created ways to rapidly increase your self awareness through heightened consciousness. What this means is that the part of you that is “wise and peaceful” comes to the forefront and eradicates the “blindspots” that have been inherited or programmed into you through conditionings.

The change that occurs is behavioural and permanent. It arises without hypnosis or attempting to change something for the better. The change arises through a transformation of the sabotaging energy into its own polar opposite. For examine anger transforms into compassion. Greed transforms into sharing. Insecurity transforms into confidence. Fear and anxiety transforms into love and the ability to take risks.

This work is shared in a variety of ways through group webinars, educational classes, practical workshops, online check ins  and individual coaching.

All practical tools offered are those that have transformed my own family life and those of thousands who have had the great fortune to experience the same behavioural changes under the guidance of Mada or Osho.

Over the first few years of business we at Spark Expansion have shared this work with more than 400 participants.  This work surpasses the potency of concepts that are being taught to our minds through counselling, traditional psychology, hypnotherapy, EMDR, NLP, EFT, Law of Attraction, Positivity and the like. This is because the methods we use invite all change to happen through the power of consciousness and not via new programming of the mind.

Thus nothing is denied. All is simply transformed.

These tools are “outside the box” keys and work in jet speed time, offering radical “beyond belief” improvements and empowerment.

Inward Leadership


We bring the wisdom of the mystics into our day-to-day ordinary lives, known as meta-psychology. In practical terms this means our behavior spontaneously changes for the better from within, like the base metal of our psyche changing into compassionate gold!

We refer to this as “Inward Leadership“. Leadership that you undertake with yourself, so that your inward mental state becomes more loving, non-judgmental, compassionate and accepting, and thus your external behaviour and world automatically responds favourably to match these inner values. We use innovative meditation techniques devised by Osho to connect everyone, through laughter, shaking, dancing, jumping, shouting and gazing!

We also use the Dalian Method created by Mada Eliza Dalian to speedily help for you to see the lessons behind your experiences and move on, into heightened peace and connection.

I invite you to journey with me and explore the hidden treasures stored inside you. Discover the “how” to live your full potential and shake off old stress, worries, and self sabotaging limiting patterns.

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Next Steps


If you are struggling with any home-life adversity, and want a jet speed way to transform the situation for the better, and eradicate the fears that might be surfacing, contact me today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation.
If you are ready to deal with the adversity and take immediate action, book here, One-on-One Sessions: with the Dalian Method