The benefits of Dalian Method (DM) in my family life

Self-Healing Dalian Method FacilitatorWe might wish to stay fully composed and believe in our capacity to be superhuman, although inevitably stress creeps up on the best of us and falling victim to emotional triggers becomes a sad daily reality.

Guilt and shame

Prior to the Dalian Method (DM) coming into my life, it was very common to endure the critical and “judge like” heavy voice inside my head. It would subject me to feel guilty for every inappropriate outburst I might have had, and feel shame for any “wrong” action or response that I had taken. At times its judgment was very harsh and illogical.

Today with the multiple layers of misconceived perceptions and beliefs transformed with DM, shame and guilt are demons of the past. I feel complete acceptance of myself and have compassion for myself too- now able to understand myself more fully and embrace every aspect – the shadow and the light inside me.

I can safely say that I am proud of my evolvement and very pleased to be the ever growing  “me”. I still fall over, but without guilt or shame. I am not perfect, but I am happy to be me.

Worry and Stress

In my younger days, the significance of stress was less disturbing. I could push through and my body showed few symptoms of strain. I endured working long grueling days of mental strain, without complaint, believing it was all part of the process of ambition and achieving “success” at some later date.

The heaviness of constant worry and stress just became a way of life. I did not know that there was a better way of living, and my body began to show symptoms of migraines, an underactive thyroid, back pain, menstrual problems, skin rashes, joint pain in my knees and swollen ankles. The worst of all the symptoms was falling into depression in 2007.

With DM, worry and stress is now “history”, but instead a sense of excitement for what might unfold exists. I feel the adventure of life, and deep gratitude for what unfolds- albeit at times, heavier days still show up. I now have a tool to help me to process the lessons behind all of my life experiences, and nothing has to be rejected. My body has begun to heal, and the physical symptoms above have all been eradicated.


Fear plagued me from childhood, along with a growing disillusion with life as I got older. Adversity and suffering seemed meaningless, and both physical and mental strain began to shut me down. I would easily get triggered into rage, sadness, grief, jealousy, bitterness and feeling helpless like a victim, especially when life circumstances left me uncertain of my reality- my relationship with my husband went through much strain, including difficulty as he got diagnosed with cancer, I felt lost as I transitioned from full time work to home life, I felt alienated from people I loved after an emigration to a new country and generally I felt unloved in the big belly of existence.

Now with DM by my side, my enthusiasm for life is at the forefront. I see my life as a blank canvas in which I can create my own reality. In fact I now understand I had created the old reality too. I am surrendered to whatever existence wants to support, in full knowing that my time on the planet has dignity behind it, along with integrity.

I have gained my own conscience and displaced rules and codes-of- conduct imposed on me from outside. I am not concerned by the approval or rejection of others, but instead live in full freedom, following my own intuition and my own aspirations and vision. I have a renewed reverence for life, as I reconnect with my innocence and gratefulness.


The future became heavy as more and more adversity came into my life and faith in a larger power than myself seemed difficult to sustain. Now I appreciate the frailty of life, along with having a great appreciation for my own eternal nature. I trust that everything that comes into my life is designed to help me evolve in consciousness, so that I might awaken to my true nature. In fact I trust that everything I needed to experience a better quality of my life, came my way.

With DM, I can stay in my center and continue to grow and experience new things with joy. The unknown is much less scary and I trust in the uncertainty of life. In fact the purpose behind DM is the exact same purpose of life- evolution in consciousness and I have begun to see that only with heightened consciousness are we to live in an era of true brotherhood, compassion and love for ourselves, and one another.

My own personality has lost its own self-centered and selfish approach but instead with DM, I have transformed into a purer and kinder way of being. I know my contribution now adds value and offers unconditional love and takes nothing for granted from another. I am more detached, less possessive and controlling in my relationships. If I fall over, I am quick to take responsibility for what has unfolded and I am always willing to dig deep to see what else I can learn about myself. Trust in myself and life is getting stronger and stronger.

Turning off the critical voice inside my head

The voice inside our head, with its nagging and tyrant like approach, can be relentless. Thus it is this “ internal voice” and its interpretations of the outside world that actually leads to the pressure and strain we endure. So in reality, if we could find a fast way to silence this voice, or turn it into a positive state, our falling victim to pain and suffering and hardship on a prolonged basis can be greatly minimized.

Transformation of my voice inside my head, the internal judge and critic has been nothing short of extraordinary, something that I did not even believe to be possible!

This is however, the only radical and the real long lasting answer to enjoying true freedom in life. With the DM these outcomes are guaranteed, as it works to methodically silence the nagging mind. I can now observe my mind/ego from a distance, and the heaviness around my old stories of upset and complaint keep falling away one by one. When my mind identifies with an old wound or story, I am quick to see how I am being drawn into misery and how unnecessary that is.

With the voice inside my head becoming kinder, I also feel more and more calmer and relaxed inside. I carry very little tension in my body and feel that life is beginning to flow more effortlessly. My relationships are improving. My triggers and arguments are reducing. I am feeling more peaceful.

The Dalian Method (DM)

A practical profound system, you can use at home on your own, created by a modern day mystic, Mada Eliza Dalian. DM eradicates stress irrevocably, the body experiences deep relaxation as a spontaneous response to the system.

Permanent changes occur at a DNA level, resulting in old patterns dispersing and their consequent dissolution leads to improvements in our behaviour.  The internal voice becomes friendlier, more self empowered, more creative and joyful and we become more loving.

Best of all you learn how to evolve into new paradigms of energized living, find and live your full potential, and live life with self-love and in expanding creative joy!