As a former CEO for 3000 people, Kindi knows what it takes to motivate teams, set goals with vision and meet client expectations in a fast paced competitive world.

She also fully understands what her younger self did not know in her pursuit for success. All too often the “human-ness” can be compromised in corporate life.  With fear and reward based tactics employed, and authority inadvertently misused, it is very easy to sabotage corporate profitability.

According to one respondent in a recent Oxford survey, being a balanced CEO requires:
An almost insane combination of extreme confidence, bordering on arrogance, combined with complete humility.

As in a family home, people thrive and work as a great effective unit if trust, respect, and confidence in leadership is experienced. When a family is dysfunctional, no amount of persuasion can engender loyalty, motivation, communication, or inspiration.

Today Kindi brings a gift to her CEO friends, so that their stress load and associated sleepless nights can be minimized, by offering them solutions to the missing link in their organizations.

In 2015 and beyond, Top-down, hierarchical, macho leadership gives way to a more responsive, humble, authentic and inclusive view of senior leaders.

Unconscious bias negatively impacts how a person functions. Loyalty, culture and productivity are all by-products of how a person feels about the organization they have committed themselves to and whether they feel supported and nurtured. If they can trust that they “belong” and experience that they are “taken care of” they will perform beyond the call of duty.

Kindi is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and a board director for the Vancouver Chapter for the 2016 term.  She shares her talks and workshops with great enthusiasm and commitment to transformation. She thrives in seeing lives changed and facilitating permanent increase in results.

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More pull, less push. More vulnerability, less macho posturing is the way of the future.