At SPARK EXPANSION we offer consulting packages that educate and stimulate. Our greatest mission is to introduce care and compassion into the workplace, so that the values of integrity, mutual respect, honesty, reliability and trust unfold naturally amongst work colleagues.

Any areas where team congruence is missing, can be solved with our tailor made solutions, using some of the most effective practical tools available in the 21st century.

Everybody learns how to offer their best, without compromising one another, and at the same time remain energized. Worry, stress and pressure is curtailed with these plans- they lead to lasting change beyond our time of consulting.

We bring a CEO’s visionary eye to innovation to the detailed “how to” at the front line. If yours is an organization on the leading edge, then these are the programs you have been waiting for your tool box.

Increase Profitability

Improve Culture and Values

Offer Satisfaction to Employees

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We also offer the following workshops:

Evolve Beyond Belief Workshop

How to Transform Leaders beyond their Limiting Unconscious Bias and Blind-spots

Have more Productive Possibilities, Loyalty and Creativity

Kindi GillWe live in the age of faster, better, now, which leads to stress driven multi tasking, and competitive demands that impact the quality of our time at work in a detrimental manner.

Instead of putting in more hours, or having more meetings we are being inspired to EVOLVE our human potential and capacity, BEYOND old levels of emotional intelligence, into new heights of creativity and productivity that break down and transform hindering  BELIEF systems

We offer workshops and programs that facilitate dynamic solutions to catapult emotional intelligence by transforming unconscious bias and increasing self-awareness, which leads to new sources of inspired ideas, renewed creativity and improved productivity.

Systematic practical tools offered to increase human potential of leaders to EVOLVE BEYOND BELIEF, and become the versatile leaders we need for the 21st Century. This is about teaching ourselves to become AUTHENTIC LEADERS.

Accountants, Lawyers, CEO’s, Engineers, Doctors, and Business entrepreneurs have come away exhilarated with their experiences using these practical tools. Will your audience be next?


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“I know everyone really enjoyed having you with us!
Thank you for coming and for your inspiring presentation, it was truly a pleasure having you”

Alana Boomer, Marketing Co-ordinator, ADP


Participation, Productivity and Profits Workshop

Creating a positive workplace in which people want to work

kindi-gill-tight-shotPeople spend more waking hours with their coworkers than their family!

Leaders set the culture for their colleagues by using their strengths wisely although their achievements can be inadvertently undermined by “blind spots” too. Stress management and conflict resolution is thus imperative for a successful company.

Frustration, anger or a loud voice harms communication and tears at the fabric of trust that is essential for effective relationships.

Swift Progressive Active Result driven Keys

are necessary to help people to increase their strengths and reduce their blindspots.

In this program we share ways to improve connection, trust and co-operation. Teams are guided through practical techniques that quickly re-affirm strengths, and help to re-establish motivation, and self-responsibility.

Families have been re-united out of conflict using these principles and faltering relationships have been revitalized back into connection, and positivity. Your audience has everything to gain and nothing to lose by joining in these revolutionizing ways of co-operation, co-creation and connection.


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Mindful Leadership Workshop

Leading Change with Optimism- Inspire with Clarity

The secret to overcoming resistance to change lies in how optimism is encouraged when systems have to change. When the fears around the change are overcome, positivity and joy follows.

This program will offer workshops on how to get past resistance, and the underlying fears of the unknown. It will lead to lasting optimism and effective implementation of change.

This program is called the FEARLESS PROGRAM, and leads to your teams feeling fulfilled, and empowered, through self-awareness.

They will effortlessly become responsible and motivated as leaders that are energized to achieve sustainable success. The change programs will fuel their resilience and stamina, and corporate visions will not be undermined.

Fulfilled Empowered Aware Responsible Leaders Energised for Sustained Success

Our program goes through 8 steps towards Inward Leadership that is implemented in an incremental manner.

During my 25 years in Corporate Leadership, I could only have wished to have, had these potent techniques to assist me, in implementing my programs of change and modernization. It’s a privilege to be able to share them with my counterparts in industry today.


At SPARK EXPANSION it is our privilege to introduce the self-empowering Dalian method to facilitate the above type of transformation along with other active techniques that achieve irrevocable improved results.

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According to Oxford University professor Tim Morris’ research:”Chief executives nowadays feel that they have to be more approachable, engaged, and caring. Or, as one described it, the Chief Emotional Officer.”

Another recent survey, this time from Ireland, has suggested that innovation is going to be the core activity of leadership in the future and this may well be a bit of intuition, but it is also rooted in research and the considering of different viewpoints before arriving at final conclusions.

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