Practical Facilitated Experience with the Self Empowering Dalian Method

The Dalian Method Boxed SetExperience a Facilitation Appointment with Kindi: Get step by step practical insights on how to use the Self Empowering Dalian Method, along with your first guided PRACTICAL experience.

Enjoy a personal transformational encounter with this profound tool, and start your process into an alchemical change of heightened self-awareness. Emotional and Social Intelligence catapults as a result of each practice with this method, and physical pains clear up too.

Take advantage of my nine years of experience with working with this method with my own family, myself and now 100’s of clients and cut corners in your own journey.  Achieve more peace and harmony within and better connection with others outside of yourself.


“I have had back pain for a number of years.- with a flare-up about five months ago and woke up every morning with pain. Right after the one on one with Kindi and the Dalian Method, to my surprise, when I woke up next morning, I was completely free of pain. It’s been two months, I’m still pain free!”    J Chan. Vancouver

Step into your presence with a new ability to stay in the “now” and not be distracted by your busy mind.

This is a quick start in your process of change, and one that leads to your behaviour altering for the better from within.  No extra effort is required to become positive or grateful. Nothing new has to be affirmed. Once a change arises, it stays with you, because it arises at a cellular level.

The Dalian Method helps you to find the route cause of sabotaging self limiting patterns and transforms them into greater trust, joy and compassion. it is a very rapid way of improving the quality of your life, as you begin to attract better circumstances through your heightened state of self awareness. The Dalian Method is a tool kit for life- a buddy to help you through all your challenges.


“With the Dalian Method & Kindi’s help it was like someone hit my “reset” button and there is no going back to the former default. My spirit exalts; literally transformed. I got way more than I thought possible. I’m sitting, still shell-shocked, but with an ease, grace and unfamiliar peace. All my cells are revitalized; my soul is refreshed.”

Jamie Kelley   Artist   Tsawwassen, Canada

Learn how to be more confident and experience less self doubt!  Learn how to be less triggered by others, and understand the merits of shedding anger, releasing and drying up the tears and so much more!

Feel more empowered, see more of your own gifts, be less afraid and eliminate stress and worry in great speed.


“Working with Kindi and the Dalian Method is a once in a life time experience, absolutely different and mind blowing. At the end, I felt at ease, as if I had wings and could have flown away, felt relaxed, happy and ready to reach for the moon! I definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is ready to make changes in life, get rid of old stuff which doesn’t serve anymore and open to new possibilities and opportunities!! Love It!!

KSENIA Savost’y, Financial Advisor Coquitlam, Canada

This is a revolutionary way of transforming your psyche and one of the most complete on the market today. If you are ready to put your life back on course to your deepest desires…..then you are going to enjoy this liberating, and yet miraculous process!! A profound system created by the “Scientist of the human condition”- Mada Dalian,


Mada“Kindi is a powerful change maker…With her pure intentions, ability to articulate complex concepts of personal transformation, and strong analytical and business mind, she is able to nurture and bring the very best in others.”

– Mada Eliza Dalian, Founder of Dalian School of Health and Consciousness

Please choose from one of the following appointment options with Kindi and the Dalian Method:


To make a booking, please go through the check-out process with your choice below and then forward your email receipt to, indicating your appointment choice.

Options: Monday, Tuesday or Friday at 10.30am, 1pm, or 7pm.
Please suggest two different options that are best for you.


Children facilitation – Body Awareness Points (For 5-10 yrs)
1 hour service – $125
Children facilitation – Solve Your Issues (5-10 yrs)
1 hour service – $125



Teenager facilitation – Answer Your Question (For 11-14 yrs)
1 hour service – $145
Teenager facilitation – Solve Your Issues (11-14 yrs)
1 hour service – $165


Young adult facilitation- Answer Your Question  (15+ to 17yrs)
1 hour Introductory transformation service – $190
Young adult facilitation- Solve Your Issues (15+ to 17 yrs)
1.5 hour detailed transformation service –


Adult facilitation (17yrs+)
1.5 hour introductory transformation service – $345
Adult facilitation (17 yrs+)
2.5 hr detailed transformation service –


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