Meditation Classes to help adults learn how to feel peaceful and whole inside.

Discover innovative ways of shaking, dancing, laughing, jumping, chanting, yelling, and sleeping to move energy. These clever ways exhaust your mind and help you to connect with the most hidden deepest core of yourself more rapidly.

The place of calm, grounded-ness, strength and bliss that surfaces is too sweet to miss! Come have fun with me, and join me for this short five week program. One class, once a week, for five weeks. Each week we will practice with a new meditation so that you have many to choose from, depending on your mood, when you practice on your own at home.

The power of meditation is even more effective when done in a group. This will be an intimate class of approx 8 to 10 people.

Two class times available. WEDNESDAY (AM or PM )10.30am to 11.45am or 7.30pm to 8.45pm

Begins Wednesday May 10 2017 and will complete 5 weeks later on June 2 2017

5 classes for $160 or drop in fee ($35)

Location Vancouver, Spark Expansion Studio on Selkirk Street, V6P 6J4


“There is a switch in the mind. The name of the switch is watchfulness, awareness, witnessing. If you start witnessing the mind it begins to stop. The more that witnessing grows, the more you become aware of a secret key that the mind can be stopped easily. And that moment is of great liberation, when the mind can be turned off for hours. And when it comes back, when you recall it, it comes back rejuvenated, fresh”

“Hence meditators are bound to more intelligent than other people. A meditative person is bound to be more sensitive, more intelligent, more creative, more loving, more compassionate. These qualities grow of their own accord”
– OSHO (Intelligence, the Creative Response to Now)

Background information: To be a witness in our life is the major objective of meditation, and thus we embody self acceptance and understand our fears, so that we can live and be liberated into the real treasures of life.

Our family dynamics improve through leadership that is compassionate and graceful.