The 7 gifts behind Fears

There are seven main benefits or gifts hidden behind fears. These gifts surface spontaneously.

The only effort that needs to be made, is to transform the fear. The rest happens by itself as a natural consequence and reward for our effort.

I personally feel embarking on a journey of self exploration in which old limiting fears are steadily identified and transformed layer by layer, leads to excitement and the unfoldment of true magic!

Deep within each of us, our true nature always awaits patiently for us to discover it again. The only thing that gets in the way of this beautiful reality,  is our fear.

I sincerely hope that the treasures hidden behind fears are motivational and inspirational to encourage some action! Because no fear can be eradicated without action.


  • Our hidden individual strengths and unique gifts surface as we systematically overcome fear. We  often do not know what our unique gifts look like, and invariably have not even considered the reality that such a uniqueness even exists within.
  • We so often concentrate on our shortcomings, that our natural magnificence is overshadowed by our natural tendency to measure and compare our value against other people.
  • However, we have all journeyed with our individual perspective, and that perspective has inherent value in it.
  • There are always people in the world that need the benefit of our learnings, and without our sharing something would remain missing for each of us. Our fulfillment and joy comes from this sharing.
  • This offers so much dignity to our presence and a significance to our life that otherwise can easily become overshadowed and remain stuck in the old status quo


  • As fear is transformed, our inner voice (or inner critic) becomes life affirmative, thrives, and supports success in the outside material world.
  • The voice recognizes our worth, claims it, and then acts from that place of confidence in all its dealings.
  • The old noise that the inner voice makes of lack of trust, self condemnation, worry, guilt or shame falls away spontaneously.
  • Heaven on earth is attained, as we follow our intuition and we begin to learn how to end the slavery of suffering that the inner voice and mind was previously bringing.
  • This happens layer by layer, and with patience and determination, we begin to fall into experiencing lasting joy.


  • We begin to free up vast stores of energy as each old fear is transformed.
  • These stores of energy come from within and help us to create and begin to inspire us to fulfill our dreams and visions.
  • It doesn’t matter if these visions are modest or large. The point is that they belong to our deepest longings, and thus in themselves, nourish and nurture us.
  • As we nourish and nurture ourselves from within, internal joy drives the quality of our days and displaces the draining impact of fear.
  • Our dreams and visions manifest bringing ever expanding growth to us and the people we begin to encounter.


  • As each fear is dissolve we begin to embody a new form of confidence
  • This confidence is not blind or phoney.
  • It has humility within it, as it is obvious that this confidence has only arisen by distinguishing the power of limiting fears of insecurity that resided within previously.
  • We have an understanding and a compassion for others and ourselves in a way that would not be accessible, if we had not faced our fears head on.
  • This new confidence ensures that our work or interactions with others do not hurt another!
  • The goals we set are not achieved at the expense of another
  • Our new found power stays graceful and humanitarian.


  • As each heartbreak, tear is shed, anger is encountered, we know at its core, something is lurking that needs to be addressed.
  • Always behind an emotional trigger is a hidden fear.
  • Our emotional triggers and outbursts minimize permanently as each fear is addressed
  • We experience less anger, less misunderstandings, less neediness, less arguments, less conflicts
  • As greater peace descends within, we feel lighter and uplifted
  • Simultaneously our new learnings in life begin to inspire others
  • Our relationships improve
  • We feel more joy and our challenges and misery begin to be seen as opportunities for growth and evolution


  • We become self motivated as each fear is dissolved. Lack of action is always a byproduct of fear.
  • We become 100% responsible for all our actions, embracing the idea that our life is ours to create
  • We begin to trust life and the unknown, as we venture into deeper fears and transform their limiting effect.
  • We begin to live our full potential and purpose, and
  • Embody ecstasy that comes from our fearless responses to life
  • And best of all we leave a small legacy behind that expands our world, whether that is at home, or with our friends, or with a larger group at work, or even on a larger platform that is global. Large or small we take full responsibility for the quality of our own life


  • As fear is transformed our happiness is suddenly in our own hands
  • It can NOT be stolen or taken away by outside circumstances
  • Our happiness is an internal connection with our being
  • And our peace cannot be disrupted by what flows in life
  • Our LOVE expands
  • Our gratitude for life sustains our presence in day to day life.
  • We become a light unto ourselves.
  • We reunite with our innocence and
  • Every ordinary day brings back connections with hidden moments of miracles!

The gifts hidden behind the fears are too juicy to be missed! For more information and to start your transformation process right away Click here: 2.5 hour initial consult

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