20140516_200206-300x225A rose has thorns, and yet it is beautiful.

The thorns help to protect the rose so that it might grow and blossom.

I don’t hear anyone say- throw away the rose because it has ugly thorns. It is simply accepted that both are part of the whole, and in its glory the rose looks so stunning.

So why then, did I find it so difficult to accept my anger, my envy, my greed, my mistakes? Why had I split myself in two and wanted only one half? The nicer half- the half that was kind, honest, loving, generous?

This is the game that the ego plays to help the internal division to stay alive. In fact this is a game that is plaguing many of our inner critical voices inside our heads and stopping us from accepting ourselves fully.

The ego-mind is as much a part of me, as my soul. However much my ego has bargained, calculated and separated, conditioned by blueprints running society, it is fact, that it is part of me. Part of the whole.

My soul daringly wants the best for itself and others and is willing me to be courageous and follow my internal vision, desire and joy.

To help create a conscious platform for families so that true unconditional sharing can arise- the type that is beyond judgment, guilt, shame, criticism and correction. The type of family structure that understands these human traits, so that we can move beyond them with compassion. The type of family structure that wants to transform the “not so empowering” qualities and is ready to step into greater mindfulness.

We are a whole, made of light and dark, made of ego and soul, made of unconsciousness and consciousness.

Lets together step into embracing all parts: the success and failures, the tears and laughter, the “isness” of life. Only through our hearts can be make this connection with one another.

If I accept me, I have some chance of accepting you too!

If I wholeheartedly embrace my shadow personalty I can do the same for yours too. If I understand my fears, I understand yours too. If I see my vulnerabilities, I have more compassion for yours too. If I watch, watch, watch all that is happening, I find a way to my centre, and from there I can cheer you along to find yours too.

We can’t throw out the baby with the bathwater! That is simply foolish. Self acceptance is absolutely key for a civilized world.

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  • http://www.kathrynwilking.com Kathryn Wilking

    Nicely stated, Kindi! I like the part about loving both halves of me, and you! 🙂

    • http://www.kindigill.com Kindi Gill

      Thanks for reading Kathryn. <3