tumblr_n8j7akL5GY1qczclfo1_500-200x300Irrevocable Freedom from Stress and Worry: The benefits of discovering their route cause.

We might wish to stay fully composed and believe in our capacity to be superhuman, but unfortunately and inevitably stress creeps up on the best of us.

Younger resilience

In our younger days, the significance of stress was perhaps less disturbing. We were just able to push through and our body did not show symptoms too readily. We endured working long grueling days of mental strain, without complaint, believing it was all part of the process of achieving “success” at some later date.

Habits are formed

It takes only 21 days to form a new habit, so we acclimatize to the impacts of high cortisol levels shooting around our bodies very quickly. The constant onslaught of the “fight or flight” response to stress and worry fast becomes our only way of life: In fact the new “normal” for many on this planet now includes the acceptance of this daily adrenaline rush.

Vacation respite

We often feel that sanity from stress and worry can be achieved during our vacation time. But in truth it can take many days for the body to fall into a relaxation phase, and its affects unfortunately, can be short-lived. Some even fall sick when they slow down, a sort of withdrawal symptom from the accumulation of adrenaline build up.

Meditation and Yoga

There is another new norm that is settling, that of exercise, yoga or meditation. By the time we human beings consider these options, we might be very burnt out and strained, but nevertheless our intelligence guides us to find better ways of coping with stress and worry.

This is often the best of all remedies available and an excellent choice for becoming more aware of what is going on inside our bodies. The first key to finding the route cause of stress is to be able to observe it, and recognize what it is guiding us to learn about ourselves. Exercise, yoga and meditation all help to turn off the mind.

Turning off the critical voice inside our head

The voice inside our head, with its nagging and tyrant like approach, can be relentless. Thus it is this “internal voice” and its interpretations of the outside world that actually leads to the pressure and strain we endure.

So in reality, if we could find a fast way to silence this voice, create some distance from it, or turn it into a positive ally, our falling victim to stress and worry on a prolonged basis can be greatly minimized.

Transformation of the “ internal voice”

Transformation of the voice inside your head, the internal judge and critic is not a solution sought out too often! This is however, the only radical and the real long lasting answer to eradicating the impact of stress and worry and enjoying true freedom in life.

Unfortunately too many people buy into the myth that positive affirmations are the solution, trying to tell our mind a different, but more positive story. This type of work requires effort, but can never be the real answer. This is because a person’s behavior can spontaneously fall back to the old reset point, if pushed by adversity.


The Dalian Method (DM)

The Dalian Method is a practical profound system, you can use at home on your own, created by a modern day mystic. DM eradicates stress irrevocably and the body experiences deep relaxation spontaneously from within, every time it is used.

Permanent changes occur at a DNA level, with the use of the Dalian Method, resulting in old patterns dispersing and the internal voice becoming friendlier. The internal voice becomes more self empowered, more creative and joyful, not because it is being asked to be so by affirmations. It just does that miraculously from inside and effortlessly.

Best of all we learn how to evolve into new paradigms of energized living, find and live our full potential, with self-love and love for others!. This is the approach we are seeking for long-term relief from stress and worry. This approach has the potential to lead to true nirvana in life.

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