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Kindi Gill is one of the worlds’ foremost Family Transformation Coaches. She is a Mindfulness Leadership Consultant for Associations and Corporations and a sought after Professional Speaker. A former CEO of a private company, responsible for 3000 people nationally in the UK, she has 30 plus years of experience in leadership. Kindi is also trained as a Chartered Accountant and is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers – a 2016 Board Director for the Vancouver Chapter.

Beyond being trained in Reiki and as an Intuitive healer, Kindi has been called a visionary “life changer” by her many clients worldwide. She facilitates groundbreaking work with the Self Healing Dalian Method created by a scientist of the human condition, Mada Eliza Dalian. She calls this the most complete multidimensional process ever created which offers lasting transformation at every level for human wholeness, from psychological emotional issues to abundance and spiritual blockages to physical pain and health complaints.

When not helping her many clients, Kindi enjoys keeping an eye on her constantly transforming family, comprised of her three children and husband. When she chooses to refresh and have fun, she loves to dance and take photographs. In her quiet reflective moments Kindi enjoys writing poetry too.  Even though Kindi’s parents are at a distance in the UK, she stays close to them, whether it is through visiting or simply eating her childhood favourite snacks of crisps. Kindi now lives in Vancouver with her husband and kids and travels worldwide helping people to evolve into greater consciousness and self-awareness expansion.

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