The giant rhododendron blossomed in our front garden this last week !

Just the right amount of water, sunshine, patience and nurture is provided by nature for this majestic appearance in life.

This makes me wonder why we do not watch and marvel at the beauty of what is being chiseled through us, as we slowly develop as human beings in our lifetime…..

WE would not be willing to preplan it into magnificence

I know I personally would not have preplanned the amazing events that have led my own journey to its current understanding and maturity.

Sure I would have wanted the upsides….. my amazing parents, the birth of my children, the beautiful comforts I have experienced, the leadership roles, the intellect, the curiosity and courage, the determination and perseverance, the holidays, the homes and the incredible mystic that showed me how to rescue myself !!!!!!


I would not have wanted the emotional pain and sensitivity

I would not have wanted the adversity, the illnesses, the lousy relationships

I would not have wanted the insecurities

I would not have wanted to work so hard, the burden, the weight

I would not have wanted to feel so alone and unloved at times…..and the suffering


AND YET..…without these encounters, the depth of my wisdom would currently be lacking and for sure my empathy and compassion would be missing

Consequently whenever I begin to flower, something would have remained missing!!!

So all I can say is let’s bow down in grace to the marvel of how existence operates.

I am in deep humble gratitude to the precision of life ….. and it’s amazing splendour.


Life is like a river of roses


Life is like a river of roses 🌹 being delivered to us systematically each day ………Each Rose contains within it the potential of a thorn prick as well as the awe of beauty too.

As our awareness grows we notice different aspects. In the early stages the thorns really hurt! Then after a while we begin to understand the thorns a little, and as we do we begin to see more of the stem and the Rose petals as well!

With growing awareness we are getting closer to experiencing the awe of the beauty of the Rose and how without the thorn prick this beauty may have been less…..and thus the knowing that the thorn was playing its part too- it all makes for a completeness that cannot be otherwise experienced.

The trick is to stop and notice what is actually under our nose, the whole Rose rather than the noise made by the illusion of our ego about only the thorns in the way. Everything has its purpose

So as human beings

  1. Do we have our creativity? YES
  2. Do we have love within us? YES
  3. Do we have resources to keep us comfortable? YES

The bottom line is that we have it all…………..and the thorns in our world just help us to see this truth of our magnificence!!!