I have had back pain for a number of years. I had a flare-up about five months ago and woke up every morning with pain. Right after the one on one coaching with Kindi and the Dalian Method, I felt totally exhausted. To my surprise, when I woke up next morning, I was completely free of pain. It’s been two months, I’m still pain free!

Kindi and the Dalian Method together make a gifted healer. She is kind, calm and genuinely caring. The session was emotionally challenging, but Kindi’s gentle guidance and support made the process much easier. I’m grateful and happy with the results!

J. Chan

Erin RiffelThrough Kindi’s skilled guidance, I have been able to gain profound insights and bodily experiences that have completely shifted my perception of reality. In her SPARK program I opened to a new view of existence.

I am deeply grateful for her assistance and feel extremely fortunate to have her as my teacher. She and the Dalian Method, along with the active meditations have changed my life.

Erin Riffel, B.Ed, Masters Counselling Psychotherapy

My daughter is a bit calmer these days, I’m happy with the change just after 2 meditation classes.

…and after my own one-on-one with you Kindi and the Dalian Method, my back pain disappeared the day afterwards! It’s wonderful.

J. Chan

Donna BalzerMy energy levels were so low before I met Kindi I couldn’t run as fast as my four-year-old grandson. Kindi noticed I seemed stiff but she didn’t know I felt like a junkyard dog, pulling hard but never getting a longer chain. When we met informally she offered me her transformational tool called the Dalian Method.

I thought maybe it was a yoga gadget or calming music so I was quite surprised by the Dalian Method Kindi employs. After one meeting I just cut the chain and kicked the emotional junk off a cliff and now I feel like I am free and energized.

I have learned to love myself more through using the Dalian Method. By loving myself more I achieve more and I share my gardening knowledge more clearly. Now I want everyone in my life to experience the transformational tool that Kindi uses.

Donna Balzer ~ Garden Writer, Speaker and Co-Host of HGTV’s Bugs and Blooms

Amanda YoungWhen I met Kindi I was searching for a new approach. After an exhausting 9 month job search my confidence and spirits were at an all time low and I needed something to help me through my internal blocks.

In our session with the Dalian Method, we released some pretty deep emotions, including some that had been lingering since childhood. The week after our first session I walked confidently into an interview and got the job!

I’ve tried many healing modalities over the years and the Dalian Method is certainly one of the most effective. I look forward to working more with Kindi and this method.

Amanda Young ~ Business Analyst

You were fantastic on Modern Love!

LeGrande Green, four-time Emmy winning producer & former Supervising Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show

After trying many different alternative healing modalities without success, I came upon the Dalian Method. It is a groundbreaking technique that transforms on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I was very fortunate to meet Kindi, who is an amazing facilitator of the method. Kindi has a way of empowering each and every one of us to find our highest potential with this method! Truly a gift.

Victoria Veldhoen

Sandra Neerava NashThank you Kindi for being a solid rock of strength and compassion as I navigated through the intense emotion during my Dalian Method session with you. I felt completely safe and supported, your key questions were exactly what I needed in each moment, and after many sessions of doing this on my own, I truly understand why it’s such a gift to have a facilitator during the process! Your wisdom and experience of the intricacies of this method help you to shine your bright light in this world. Thank you!

Sandra Nash


Kindi took me so much further in one session with the Dalian Method, than I could have gone on my own. My session with Kindi was very powerful for me. She is very skilled at facilitating. Equally importantly I felt very loved and safe in her presence. I highly recommend working with Kindi and experiencing a facilitated Self Healing Dalian Method session.

Madeleine Newkirk

AnalesaTo my delight, working with Kindi and the Dalian Method has helped me reach a depth of healing and sense of freedom I have not been able to attain even after decades of powerful transformational work. She guided me with clarity, strength, and care that created such a safe space I knew I could really let go and allow the healing to happen from within. Thank you, Kindi, for your excellent work. I will be back for more!

Analesa Berg