Speaker Knowledge: 100% 5 stars

Session usefulness for Business Objectives: 100% 5 stars

Information for Business Growth: 100% 5 stars

Overall Rating: 100% 5 stars


“Kindi was great. Her methods were new to me, I gave it my full attention and had some interesting revelations.” – Anonymous


“Kindi covered the concept with great application.” -Tasneem Virani


“Thank you so much for your grace and complete professionalism Kindi, you are inspiring!”

Brittany Webber, Executive Assistant

Impact Communications Ltd. And GroYourBiz Ltd.

Feedback at the EXCELerate Conference: Grow your Business with the Speed of Collaboration

Rosemarie Barnes


As a solopreneur, and therefore responsible for every aspect of my own business, I often get pulled in multiple directions and not necessarily focused on the key matters. I felt as though I was repeatedly self sabotaging my own efforts.

After participating in the Dalian Method, and the No/Yes active meditation, I feel clearer in my purpose and insights, and much free-er to focus on the really important work.

Kindi helped me to uncover the reasons for my behaviours, but more than that, helped me release them so that I do not carry pointless baggage.

Understand I am not a person who buys into placebos and platitudes, and I came into the first session as a Doubting Thomas. The Dalian Method system really works! Thank you Kindi, your work is a game changer. I am glad I seized the opportunity!

Rosemarie Barnes, Entrepreneur, Victoria

estrellita gonzalezKindi recently worked with me as a facilitator through my first experience with the Dalian Method. I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of it, so I was a bit nervous.

Kindi made the process easy and fulfilling; her own personal touch is gentle, patient and informative. Kindi kept me appraised through the whole thing and helped me to understand much about myself.

I had a breakthrough in an area I did not think was still there, so that was truly eye opening. This experience will now form the foundation for regular practice, where I can use the DM at my leisure using the CD set at home.

I highly recommend Kindi and the Dalian Method, to anyone who is looking to better understand who they are, and their journey through life.

Estrellita Gonzalez, Entrepreneur, Vancouver

I met Kindi in a business capacity and through our dealings became very intrigued by her unique way of helping people with the Dalian Method. My own inquisitive nature compelled me to book a session with Kindi, as I had seen first hand how this method had made a difference in her own family. At first, I admit I was very sceptical, but as I wanted to change the direction of my life in several key areas, I committed to the process.

Going through the process was tough for me, but what a remarkable gift it was! I will be forever in Kindi’s and the Dalian Method’s debt for releasing me from my past and allowing me to see clearly, for probably the first time in my life. It is literally a game changer.

The way I view people and circumstances has completely changed and I now have a much better understanding of who I am, what matters in my life and how the decisions I make impact those around me. I would recommend Kindi and the Dalian Method without hesitation!


Ian Leigh, Vice President, International Pensions

monika becker


I had the great pleasure to work with Kindi in a 1:1 session recently, when she led me through the Dalian method with great skill and expertise. I got to experience Kindi’s amazing gentleness, compassion and professionalism.

The results of the session were profound! Ever since I have felt lighter, more positive towards life and less critical of myself and others. This is just amazing, just out of one session with the Dalian Method…!!

I can’t wait to see what other results I will be able to experience as I go deeper with this process and Kindi as a true ambassador.

If you feel stuck or in pain in any area of your life, I highly recommend working with Kindi- she is a gifted facilitator and she and the Dalian Method can help you transform your life. Thank you Kindi, for sharing your awesome talent, brilliant mind and your deep caring with me!


Monika Becker, Entrepreneur, Vancouver

Corry Anne NeilandsAfter years of counselling, practicing meditation and reading countless self-help books to upgrade me to the best “me” possible, I felt there was something not quite right. I couldn’t reach complete happiness and peacefulness within me. I was stuck and at a loss to know what to do next…..until the universe presented Kindi Gill and the Dalian Method.

All I needed was one session to become unstuck! Kindi helped me to release that last 20% of “garbage”, that I had been carrying around inside for decades.

Everyday after our session, I am grateful to Kindi and the Dalian Method, because I feel my level of happiness continually increasing, along with greater and greater peace within. I also ended up getting clarity to other parts of my life too. I never knew what true happiness felt like as an adult, but now I do, and it is “THE” biggest achievement of my life.

Thank you Kindi and the Dalian Method for getting me “unstuck”!


Corry-Ann Neilands, Vancouver

Thank you for your workshop at the GroYourBiz retreat, where you presented the Dalian Method.

It was several weeks ago now, and I can still feel the lightness of being that process gave me- as well as the understanding that the energy I receive from others can really change depending on how I feel about myself.

It is so nice to know you are out there doing this work with people- making our world a better place to be in!

Looking forward to doing a full session one day

Joanna Lovett, Designer and Jewelry maker, Vancouver

Susan FriesenWhen I first spoke with Kindi I knew she was onto something incredibly powerful when it came to re-setting the mindset and creating a life’s foundation built for success.

Not only have I had the honour of building her website and getting to know her personally and professionally, I also had the pleasure of enlisting her one-on-one services.

The Dalian Method she used with me ended up being a very enlightening experience. During our session, certain hang-ups and false beliefs of mine came to the surface and what was even better, the method began the steps of erasing them from my being!

An example of her magic working so well is two-fold. Firstly, I have since released a significant amount of weight (something I have struggled with for most of my adult life) and secondly, I am now happily producing several “in person” videos that I never could bring myself to do in the past.

I highly recommend anyone to participate in the Dalian Method with Kindi in order to reach new heights of accomplishment in their lives.

Thank you so much Kindi for introducing me to your wonderful techniques and being such an inspirational leader!

Susan Friesen, BBA- Founder eVision Media

Alexandra MahI am so elated with the lingering results after only one session with Kindi and the Dalian Method: probably the most powerful energy work with instant results, that I have experienced!

It has only been one week and my mind is now completely cleared of all the negative and hindering energy.

As a result, I am now motivated, energized, strong, and have lost weight ( almost 1 pound / day).

But most of all… I love myself and I am the one in control of my life.



Working with Kindi and the Dalian Method, is a once in a life time experience, absolutely different and mind blowing. Going through the session, Kindi provides guidance, support, encouragement and there is absolutely no judgment!

At the end, I felt at ease, as if I had wings and could have flown away, felt relaxed, happy and ready to reach for the moon!

I definitely recommend this experience to anyone who is ready to make changes in life, get rid of old stuff which doesn’t serve anymore and open to new possibilities and opportunities!! Love It!!

KSENIA Savost'y, Financial Advisor