Truth Sets Us Free

I have just come back from the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Convention in Ottawa. I had the privilege to be on the main stage, as a rising star for 2017, representing the Vancouver Chapter. We each spoke and received panel critique on our performance. It was a truly exhilarating feeling, but with the contradictory […]

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Honesty is Too Risky?

When we decided to take this photo on holiday, we asked a professional photographer to take a picture of all of our family at this spot, on our fancy camera, instead of his.  His answer was “No”. He wasn’t able to fulfill this simple request. He was not going to get paid…so he had no […]

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Know Thyself: Observations of an Ego

OBSERVATIONS OF AN EGO BY Kindi Gill    I have to make money I am afraid of the unknown My security is in money dummy, Since if I trust “I” will be gone!   The voice of the ego Is relentless in its desire to rule This voice knows where not to go Joy, happiness […]

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Inner Critic- The Voice Inside The Head Of A Child

I am reflecting on some of my most hidden and private thoughts, particularly those that surfaced when I was little, especially in the company of adults who were in authority. I remember the reverence that I had for school teachers, but also the associated fear of wanting to please and meet their expectations. If we […]

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