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What if Material Success is Not Enough?

Money will give me power It represents abundance & choices The world could be my oyster “I must have” is heard in my inner voices To “have” certainly brings comfort – it provides But fulfillment and peace it clearly denies Achievement offers false-power rides A pedestal that pushes me to become wise! When my actions […]

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The Unimaginable Truth: Why We Create Misery To Be Happy

Our Upset and Misery It can seem ridiculous to be told that happiness is an inside job when all we want to do is rip someone’s head off or even claw someone’s eyes out! When we are sad or angry, happiness is the last thing on our mind, and to be told that we can […]

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Worrying Serves No Purpose!

EVERYTHING JUST SEEMS SOOO IMPORTANT IN LIFE! We worry about anything that might affect us adversely. That appears totally logical to the mind and thus worry becomes an absolute necessity. After all the fear of death is hanging over our heads all the time. We worry about making enough money to cover our survival needs, […]

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