Truth Sets Us Free

I have just come back from the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Convention in Ottawa. I had the privilege to be on the main stage, as a rising star for 2017, representing the Vancouver Chapter. We each spoke and received panel critique on our performance. It was a truly exhilarating feeling, but with the contradictory […]

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Fear of the Unknown: How to change your fate!

So who is afraid of who? Have you ever encountered people being scared of you, simply because they don’t understand you? I have always had a deep thinking “head”, and one that couldn’t easily accept the status quo. This of course makes me a little scary to those that fear change and the unknown and […]

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Understand Fear and Discover the Key to liberation

Fear is real when experienced, and the bodily sensations that accompany fear leave us stuck in debilitating responses and self-sabotaging attitudes towards life. Our body will send messages either through a contraction felt in the pit of our stomach or a sense of trembling. We might also physically shake, get sweaty or even experience a fast […]

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How to understand Anger

“Anger…like a fire can burn up everything in sight. In the ashes are born many possibilities! We can stay stuck, or take responsibility to discover our triggers and transcend these tendencies” -Kindi Gill Anger – Is it Good or is it Bad? When I was younger I was frightened of anger outside of me. I […]

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