Truth Sets Us Free

I have just come back from the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Convention in Ottawa. I had the privilege to be on the main stage, as a rising star for 2017, representing the Vancouver Chapter. We each spoke and received panel critique on our performance. It was a truly exhilarating feeling, but with the contradictory […]

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Your MIND is the PROBLEM

    ♥ WE ARE ALL SIGNIFICANT♥   Our INDIVIDUAL voice matters in life, simply because we are ALL part of a giant tapestry, helping one another along in our journeys. The best way is to imagine that we are part of a big jigsaw puzzle, and our “place” in life is to share what […]

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Stress and Worry: Time to Transform!

Irrevocable Freedom from Stress and Worry: The benefits of discovering their route cause. We might wish to stay fully composed and believe in our capacity to be superhuman, but unfortunately and inevitably stress creeps up on the best of us. Younger resilience In our younger days, the significance of stress was perhaps less disturbing. We […]

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Understand Fear and Discover the Key to liberation

Fear is real when experienced, and the bodily sensations that accompany fear leave us stuck in debilitating responses and self-sabotaging attitudes towards life. Our body will send messages either through a contraction felt in the pit of our stomach or a sense of trembling. We might also physically shake, get sweaty or even experience a fast […]

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Inner Critic- The Voice Inside The Head Of A Child

I am reflecting on some of my most hidden and private thoughts, particularly those that surfaced when I was little, especially in the company of adults who were in authority. I remember the reverence that I had for school teachers, but also the associated fear of wanting to please and meet their expectations. If we […]

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Man Covering his Face

Welcome What is “Not So Nice” in Us!

“To be conscious of yourself, you need to welcome your unconscious darkness as much as you welcome the light.” -IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS: Healing into Consciousness by Mada Eliza Dalian I remember there was a time when I truly believed that I had no “darkness” – I felt that everything I did was “good”! […]

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Kindi Gill Icon

Affirmations – and How We Can Go Beyond

When I was the CEO of a group of companies in the UK, I had motivational quotes and positive affirmations around me everywhere…at work and at home. I used them to inspire myself and my colleagues. I loved the sound of strong inspiring statements and melted when I heard ideals coming from change-makers, that had […]

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Quote by Mada Eliza Dalian

Love Everything About Yourself

“Love everything about yourself…including what you dislike, judge and repress!” -Mada Eliza Dalian Loving everything includes my body shape…and oh boy have I spent years and years disappointed with my curves, to only find that as I look back over the years, I have had such wasted moments of upset…relative to my current shape I […]

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