Your MIND is the PROBLEM

    ♥ WE ARE ALL SIGNIFICANT♥   Our INDIVIDUAL voice matters in life, simply because we are ALL part of a giant tapestry, helping one another along in our journeys. The best way is to imagine that we are part of a big jigsaw puzzle, and our “place” in life is to share what […]

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Separation: How We Shut The Door To Caring

When we care for another soul, without criticism and judgment, we do not feel separate from them. Our heart and its openness keeps us feeling united and a sense of one-ness follows, whilst our soul is simultaneously nourished. This is unconditional love. Judgment and its link with Separation When we judge ourself or another, separation […]

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The Secrets to Real Love

Love: We often feel that an outside event determines our happiness, and become enslaved by the world outside of us. We seek the idea of falling in love. We are hypnotized to find someone who can fulfill our version of the Cinderella story. Love songs, poetry, imagery, all feed into the collective hypnosis that love […]

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Understand Fear and Discover the Key to liberation

Fear is real when experienced, and the bodily sensations that accompany fear leave us stuck in debilitating responses and self-sabotaging attitudes towards life. Our body will send messages either through a contraction felt in the pit of our stomach or a sense of trembling. We might also physically shake, get sweaty or even experience a fast […]

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The Unimaginable Truth: Why We Create Misery To Be Happy

Our Upset and Misery It can seem ridiculous to be told that happiness is an inside job when all we want to do is rip someone’s head off or even claw someone’s eyes out! When we are sad or angry, happiness is the last thing on our mind, and to be told that we can […]

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