Our INDIVIDUAL voice matters in life, simply because we are ALL part of a giant tapestry, helping one another along in our journeys. The best way is to imagine that we are part of a big jigsaw puzzle, and our “place” in life is to share what we know, so that our presence influences how well the next piece of the jigsaw puzzle fits in. It is destined to be connected to our piece, so that eventually we each see only ONE BIG WHOLE.


So when a voice divides and causes disunity, we have to remember that the only purpose that voice has served is to encourage a call to action for the opposite to happen.  It is designed to help empower those that are so used to not claiming their worth and full value, and allowing such sabotage to happen in the first place.


For we all know (in our deepest core) that our ability to be truly human lies in seeing first the humanity in one another, so that as we pursue our own agenda, we never compromise another being in the process. Any action that demeans, uses, rejects the worth in another is destined to increase suffering for ourselves and others. Any action driven by lust or greed and manipulation is unsustainable. Any action driven by our mind and not our knower, contributes to this difficulty, because our mind believes it is separate, an island of its own.



WE are being called to evolve, so that we can see the troubles created by the mind- often suffering caused by the mind will eventually assist us to feel true remorse for our actions, as a sense of humility arises…..and in this way of course, we move more into our heart.  It is best to start evolving beyond the beliefs of our mind much before such suffering arises, but unfortunately often the suffering is the only motivator that forces us to do something about our state.  So the anguish becomes an essential component to help us to understand that true learning comes from beyond our mind.


NO change has ever happened through keeping ourself small, compromising, pleasing, fitting in with status quo- because the status quo always holds room for improvement. Nobody can question some of the desperate division we currently face in our world and nobody can justifiable argue that we have to maintain what we know!  Our mind – the collective state and individual state is fuelling our heartache through judgement, competition, greed, bigotry, prejudice, and oppression.



If we look around we get daily reminders of separation and inequality surfacing in our lives and this obviously is showing us that there is much work to be done.

  • Religion separates
  • Family units separate
  • Societal conditionings separate
  • Authority and money separates
  • Experiences separate
  • Colour separates
  • Gender separates
  • Sexual bias separates
  • Our mind and its’ conditionings separate



For our own evolution out of a reality where we are undermined as a human being, we must first claim our own self worth, and understand the freedom we have to honour our voice, our gifts and our calling. This recognition of our greatness is hidden deep in our core, where our being resides and can only be accessed if we by pass the mind! This is where we begin to live out our purpose, and embody our calling as our unique way to be in dignity on this earth. Naturally for this to happen, no insecurity remains and full trust in oneself arises. Even if we have to die in the process, we become willing.




Every shift in human perception has arisen because of the courage of one individual at a time- Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon, Osho, Oprah Winfrey…the list goes on! Each pushes the boundary of human perception to fresh territories that awaken our ability to be more inclusive. Each such person advocates for a better world of peace, contentment, empowement, equality and bliss.


The courage of Mada Eliza Dalian to create a system to revolutionize our interactions with one another is nothing short of miraculous…the magic pill we all have been awaiting on this earth, to eradicate ego based pain. She has created a practical solution: THE HOW TO!!!  This gives us the way to stop manipulation, control, judgement, oppression, abuse, discrimination and opens the door to heartfelt compassion, kindness, unity and acceptance. This is how we begin to embody unconditional love, one person at a time.




This tool ( the Dalian Method) shows us how to step back into our innate worth, and it awakens the type of confidence that is beyond any security given by career or money in the bank. This self-worth comes from experiencing and understanding the purity of our being, our innate nature and our innate greatness that lies deep within our body.


It’s a process, first learning to know ourselves, and growing in self awareness, then purifying the actions that cause separation, anger, control, insincerity, greed, insecurity and the like and finally through full acceptance claiming our own worth. Our purified version of ourselves begins to grow into unconditional love for everyone, including ourselves and it embraces freedom as its core value in life.


The freedom to excel in our own unique way, accessed through a growth in self awareness leads to fulfilment that cannot be measured by anyone outside of you. The mind is not capable of offering such unconditional love as it itself is the problem. Only a shift from head to heart leads to such change. Only a shift that increases our consciousness leads to such much needed changes.


  1. It is our responsibility to rise in love, self love in particular…..
  2. It is so easy to fall and stay caught up in the games of our small egos and the antics of an inner critic that acts like a continuing pest………..
  3. But that rigid shell of the ego might be able to protect us from being vulnerable forever, it will never unite us into true love……….
  4. True love takes courage to embody, but it is worth it, as it helps us to claim our magnificence!
  5. It is so worth it to silence the inner critic, to be disengaged from the old stories of our past and to trust ourselves.
  6. And to overcome mind based fears is our true destiny.


Unconditional acceptance of our worth, our individual gifts is essential for a sane world to unfold. The dalian method gives us the “how” to heal the broken parts within us and to open the doors to revelation/insights that can and will blow our mind.

To claim all the parts that make us up, the good, the sabotaging and limiting parts and the inherent parts that leave us feeling less than whole , means we must take responsibility to be the captain of our ship and rise in consciousness.

In these modern times where so much teaching is available, to stay in suffering and be locked in temporary illusions is a choice- a choice to remain without fulfillment and to not live our full potential. This is a choice that can easily be transcended with the Dalian Method.



The time is now for us to fully embrace everything there is to explore. Money and power alone will still leave us empty handed. True fulfillment arises as we claim our full freedom to grow in consciousness and as we grow in the journey of self discovery.

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