Fun Confidence Classes

5 week Program: fun meditation and confidence classes for children Age 11 to 14

Cost: $225

Saphy Meditation PoseI am hosting a five week program beginning May 13th 2017 at 11.00 am, 1 hour class each week.

We will use this class to explore fun ways to connect with the genius potential that lies within your child to help elevate their confidence. We will work on distancing worry and stress from their psyche, and help them to connect with their inner strength.

Kids will explore innovative ways to connect with their own hidden core, but most importantly their inner strength and power.

From this place they will learn how to be more confident, decisive and learn how to trust their own gut instinct. They will learn how to transform their stress, their emotional triggers and access a deeper sense of calm within.

The sleeping genius within them will come to the forefront to aid their journey in life!  They will learn how to maintain their innocence and joy and still navigate a stressful goal driven life! Happy children. Happy connection! Happy relationships. Happy life.

Children become more self motivated, self responsible and achieve better grades at school. Their concentration heightens. Their self awareness increases. Their full potential blossoms and drives their lives.

“After taking Kindi’s classes, I notice that my daughter is more positive and also more able to express and resolve difficult emotional issues on her own. The tools that Kindi teaches are invaluable, especially for girls hitting puberty, when the stress from friendships and school can all out of a sudden, become overwhelming.”
– J. Chan

Studies show the success of these practices: Meditation is being rolled out as part of the school curriculum as a result of proof that behaviour, grades and concentration increases: News coverage in UK

40 minutes will be spent with children, 20 minutes with parent and child.


“There is a switch in the mind. The name of the switch is watchfulness, awareness, witnessing. If you start witnessing the mind it begins to stop. The more that witnessing grows, the more you become aware of a secret key that the mind can be stopped easily.

And that moment is of great liberation, when the mind can be turned off for hours. And when it comes back, when you recall it, it comes back rejuvenated, fresh”

“Hence meditators are bound to more intelligent than other people. A meditative person is bound to be more sensitive, more intelligent, more creative, more loving, more compassionate. These qualities grow of their own accord”
– OSHO (Intelligence, the Creative Response to Now)

For background information on how a child’s mind might work: Voice inside our head,  and more information on how to have children that love speaking and connecting with you Honest Conversations.