Why we Need to grow in Self Awareness

Old behavioural patterns are often holding us back in our relationships with others and ourselves. Without us becoming consciously aware of what is going wrong, we remain stuck.  Once we become more self aware of our unconscious responses ( that tend to run on autopilot), our relationships improve with everyone, we manifest without being burdened  and greater fulfillment/peace unfolds. Our health improves too.

In this personalized one on one program we help you:

  1. To identify and release systematically the blockages that are relevant to your life.
  2. Learn how to break the chain to the root causes of such challenging occurrences.
  3. Eliminate the old programmed reactions  from the cells of your body- so that irrevocable behavioural changes occur effortlessly from within
  4. To feel more peace and calm within

It does not matter if your current responses to life are filled with exhaustion, anger, dismay or a sense of confusion. Everything  has a cause- we simply assist you to become aware of how the emotion is arising so that the triggered actions can stop in your daily interactions.

The new awareness that you embody does not become facilitated using your logical head. We by-pass the mind, to get access to the ” how and why the mind” is responding in its current way, and look to progressively silence its’ sabotaging influence on your life.

Where questions are arising that cannot be logically answered using your head, whether it is regarding the purpose of your life, or why certain health or other challenges are unfolding, we will help you to become more self aware using ” Find Answers to your Questions” which taps into your own internal guidance system:  this quickly connects you with your “inner knower” and helps you to find the solutions that provide liberation from old mental angst, stress or worry.

You will get greater clarity on how to take new responsibility for the next part of your growth as a leader, whether that is in your home, in a corporation or as an entrepreneur.

You will learn how to get past current hurdles in the way of your business success with immense ease, and see that the new peaceful experience you begin to embrace can then be taken with you into your  personal life- so that you know how not to take worry or anxiety home at the end of the day.

We will address all parts of your psyche that might be holding you back-whatever their origin:


As leaders we should expand and step out of our comfort zone

We aim to understand your aspirations from an emotional point of view and nurture you from an authentic and honest place!  This work is very new.  It is not about being logical and learning how to put on a tough face as we endure pressure, and attempt to stay resilient. No. Our work together will break social protocols of what is acceptable and what is not- but instead will assist you to genuinely become refreshed and re-energised for life.

We evaluate your life plan objectives mindfully in line with your current success and move forward step by step chipping away at the underlying state hidden deep within you. The feelings of aloneness, the fears around rejection and isolation are all addressed, so that you can become Whole within.

We will stretch you outside your current comfort by experientially using the Dalian Method to remove mind made fears that are unknown to you!  We will remove history that has been inherited from earlier generations that might be creating chaos and you are unaware of it!  Irrevocably the cells of your body are helped back into their natural state.


A New Confidence is Born

As you begin to understand yourself more intimately, you will harness a new type of confidence that cannot be influenced detrimentally by outside life circumstances. it is a confidence that is not dependent on outside success or achievement. It is a form of confidence that is peaceful, non aggressive, and extremely responsive- it almost has a genius quality within it.


Fear of life challenges will dissipate layer by layer and excitement sets in. A quality of total joy and uplifting sensation within will unfold as more and more of this type of confidence is accessed.


Along with this your new awareness will lead to a more freeing and liberating psyche and you will begin to find it easier to step into adventurous action in your life. Old imprints in the cells of your body, whether inherited from parents or earlier generations, will slowly lose their power over your behaviour, and a new individuality will unfold displacing the old personality.

Any disabling or niggling health issues begin to be healed as a byproduct of your evolution. Anxiety, stress and worry dissipates


So grateful for your giftedness Kindi. I’m always amazed at how you see the connection between the challenges and the learning hidden within them. Your presence and precise words have this way of triggering a deep inner understanding and clarity. I know it has for me. The family dynamics we find ourselves in is very rich territory to explore. It’s too easy to struggle with it though and miss the opportunity for transformation. Glad you are bringing education and guidance that is so needed in this important area. Lila Haris, Kansas, USA


Benefits at a glance from the Bronze Package growth in Self Awareness

Your ability to by pass your busy mind and silence aspects of it will increase

You will experience greater clarity around your life direction, through your intuition/inner knower

You will learn new and active meditative tools to help reduce your stress and worry in great speed

You will quickly dis identify from layers of old negativity in your life

You will experience a greater level of energy, enthusiasm and greater confidence

You will embody a new form of stamina and resiliency that is not weighed down by burden

Your relationship with yourself will improve and you will feel greater compassion and love for yourself

You will find the voice inside your head will learn how to quiet down from its old stories and stress

You will grow in self awareness and cut the chains to disabling patterns.

You will learn effective ways to dissolve fears/anxiousness as they arise

More pull, less push. More vulnerability, less macho posturing is the way of the future…CEO who responded to an Oxford Survey.


Inward Leadership




Structure of the Three Month Bronze Package


  1. Have an initial coaching session to evaluate your most pressing needs, and go through a 10 page self evaluation exercise that concentrates on your  desires, needs, expectations and triggers. We will also discuss family patterns during this review and create a personalized action plan
  2. Be taught body awareness points and be educated on how to access unconscious thoughts in your body
  3. Be taught how to find clarity using FATYQ, helping you to open up to intuition and your higher self in your decision making . (This may be changed to a shorter Dalian Method process if deemed to be more appropriate)
  4. Experience a self empowering dalian method session to experience a deep transformation and gain a new awareness in your body which will cut the chain to an old behaviour patten. This will be sustainable, leading to lasting change internally and externally (this work will all be at a cellular level)
  5. A coaching session to become more aware of the changes that are unfolding in your life, as a result of the previous dalian method process.
  6. Practice with an active meditative exercise to help identify the core fears in your body and be guided how to clear them up, layer by layer
  7. Follow up with a second dalian method session to consolidate the first awareness and shed fear associated with the next action steps required in your life
  8. Detailed support outside of the regular meetings together via a personalized blog. All of the above appointments are in person, or on skype during the three months.
  9. Detailed tasks and actions to be compiled and completed in between each consultation, to further enhance your ability to be independent with the use of these new tools.


Available to you at a cost of:  $3795

Email kindi@kindigill.com to organize your registration. or register here