Monthly Leadership Training


Each month we will get together to improve your ability to lead yourselves and become a True Conscious and Empowered Leader. We will show you how to overcome challenges, all whilst retaining inner calm and peace.


The objective is to show you how to tap into your innate power, so that dependence on mind based training, and others can be dropped. You will spontaneously begin to inspire yourself, and feel energised and motivated by your own creativity and courage.


The modules will concentrate on practical ways to improve in specific areas, whether business or personal, and each module will be shared in two teaching blocks, across two full day trainings at the end of the month. All days of teaching are 10am to 5pm- bring your own lunch.


Each module is stand alone, so you can participate in all or some across the year (although each module will build upon previous modules- each is specific to that topic)



Self Worth

  1. Module 1- Self-Worth      (Day 1. 27 January 2018 and Day 2.  24 February 2018)


Innate Confidence-How to access your inner power and create boundaries

Generational Imprints-How to break the chains to self-sabotaging patterns



  1. Module 2- Responsibility     (Day 1. 28 April 2018 and Day 2.  26 May 2018)


Responsibility for others – How to break out of societal conditioning that encourages care of others ahead of care to oneself

Purpose- How to clear self-doubt and tap into your creative gifts


Managing the Inner Critic

  1. Module 3- Managing the Inner Critic (Day 1. 30 June 2018 and Day 2 30 July 2018)


How to silence the inner voice through witnessing

Use of self-awareness to transform the inner critic


Overcoming Fears

  1. Module 4- Overcoming Fears (Day 1. 29 September 2018 and 27 October 2018)


Psychological fears- how to identify and transform them

Finding the root to fears in the body, and solving karmic history


Decision Making

  1. Module 5- Decision making     ( Day 1. 24 November 2018 and Day 2. 15 December 2018)


How to find answers to your own questions

Reaction versus Response- How to manage triggers and minimise “Control”

Your Investment

The annual program is $3150, payable upfront or three equal monthly payments of $1085

The individual modules are each $700, $350 per day. You can invest in the first day of each module separately but not the second on its own, as it builds from day 1 and has related assignments.


One day offer- The first day of MODULE 1 is available at a reduced introductory price of $275 for the first 8 people to sign up.