“The words here, are directly copied from Mada’s website as her own description of this workshop”


What is leadership, and how does one become a true leader?


This two day Leadership Education Training will focus on understanding what leadership truly means and how to first and foremost become a leader of your own life.

This unique training will focus on helping you:
• Understand your role as a leader;
• Discover your own unique gifts and potential;
• Explore working with the self-help Dalian Method for your inner transformation and for gaining clarity and direction;
• Receive individual guidance from Mada relevant to your own situation and needs.


During the training we will explore the qualities of a true leader and how to transform insecurities into strength. You will deepen the understanding that:

Leadership is not about competition or control. It is not about being better and smarter then others. It is not about “looking good” in the eyes of others, or being emotionally driven by jealousy and competitiveness.

Leadership is about recognizing your own unique gifts and appreciating other people’s gifts. It is about caring for others and their well-being as much as caring for your own.

Leadership is setting an example of how to find and manifest your creativity and live life fully without fear of rejection or the need to imitate, impress, or please others.

Leadership is about finding your true calling and being ready to take risks and make mistakes. It is about trusting and following your own inner voice.

Leadership means treating yourself and others with self-respect, kindness and compassion. It means understanding, honouring, and respecting other people’s needs as much as your own.

In this Two day Leadership Education Trainings we will be looking at the health and balance of both our personal and work lives. We will identify and transform any fears, self-doubt, and self-sabotaging beliefs that are hindering your inner and outer balance.

Through this training you will learn how to:

• Turn challenges into opportunities in a fraction of a time;

• Access your intuition and inner knower when making important decisions;

• Find answers within yourself without using your mind;

• Trust your own abilities and take risks;

• Crystallize your vision;

• Get excited about using your creativity without fear or self-doubt;

• Fearlessly follow your inner calling without needing approval;

• Use your power and influence to become a conscious contributor for greater good.


We look forward to your participation in this life changing training. Spark Expansion Consulting is proud to be sponsoring this event.

Early bird price $50 saving if booked by Feb 28 2018, reduced to $535. Regular price $585.