Day Workshop: Find out how to experience Jet Speed Transformation

May 20th 2017 10am to 4pm
Only $345..if your register by May 9th

Reduced from $395

boxed-set-300x275Learn how to transform

(symptoms of stress, worry, unhappiness, grief, sadness, anxiety, fears can all be eradicated, layer by layer)


We will practice with an active meditation: NO/YES, that moves energy very fast, and naturally provides a detox for the mind.


Learn how to detoxify suppressed upset, frustration, disappointment, anger, grief and sadness. This will show you how to create healthy boundaries around the areas where you need to say No, and show you how to open up your YES’s and find the neutral space of presence, and calm.


no:yes active meditationAcknowledge how acceptance of your circumstances reveal hidden fears and expectations still unfulfilled. Learn how to identify your fears and transform them:



You will be shown how to maintain this work independently and how to peel away these fears step by step.

You will also work with the extraordinary power of the Dalian Method, and learn how to use this revolutionary process.

You will start by posing a question that cannot be answered with clarity with your mind. For example ” What is my life purpose”? or  ” Why do I suffer from anxiety”?  or ” How will I choose my career”? or “Why am I stuck and why is this happening in my relationship “? or ” Why am I suffering with this illness?”

Such questions will be answered with total clarity using the Dalian Method and you will go home with a deeper awareness of yourself and your inner guidance system, gain greater relaxation and greater clarity that can be trusted. This is an advanced way of making decisions, without having to live in uncertainty.


With these tools you open the keys to dissolve the inner critic inside your head and embrace your creativity and greatness.


Our thoughts create our reality. Discover how to have the voice inside your head become friendly and an ally, rather than self condemning. Embrace trust in yourself and claim your real power and confidence.