let go

Happy day-light savings time! It is that time of year when the days get longer, and we might find more bounce and energy within? Is that you? So what happens if this season does not follow its normal pattern?


Here in Vancouver we have enjoyed/endured a lot of snow in the last five or six weeks- unexpectedly for this time. This takes me to my point- how easy did we find it to just accept what is happening around us, and stay calm and happy with the new circumstances arising around us? Can we simply let go and just go with the flow?


Most entrepreneurs, think themselves as a “doer”- with plans and goals to attain and it might have been that the snow became a nuisance rather than something you could easily surrender to, and flow with. Possibly customers could not be met? It might have been that appointments were difficult to attend, and traffic blockages caused you to re align, and let people down?


I decided to surrender, and use the time in my “onesie” to stay cosy. One afternoon, I went outside and walked, giggled as I trod deep into the snow. I even considered the idea of scooping some of the snow up to eat- it just looked so fresh, beautiful and mystical even! I had flashbacks of freedom that I felt as a young carefree child. These little moments seem to be what life is made of!


Learnings from the snow

A few things had to happen for this feeling of happiness and carefree response to be maintained.

  • A willingness to accept and surrender to what was happening, for in its absence the only other choice was to resist and be miserable. Have you noticed how easy it is to waste moments of bliss by focusing on what is not happening, rather than what IS unfolding in its mystery?


  • The going with the flow had a feeling of freedom in the let go! This was easy to experience…almost natural infact. I could see that pushing uphill just goes with the old belief “that I have to work hard”, when the best moments come very easily. So my new conclusion is to go in the direction that seems the easiest- forget the nonsense of “no pain no gain”! I think we have been hypnotized to believe everything has to be hard, and in the process we make it unnecessarily tough for ourselves. LIFE MUST BE FOR ENJOYMENT?


  • Something bigger than us is always in charge, and it is thus a choice to feel helpless to that power, or adopt the course that is unfolding as if we have chosen it by our psyche. We might as well enjoy the blessings being showered, because otherwise we are missing out on the present moment. This seems absolutely ridiculous- especially as we get older. Why waste our days? We might as well surrender to the power outside of us, and be willing to see what we are being shown. The present moment will not repeat itself again, so make the most of it!


  • Understanding this brought me to a comical laugh at my ignorance over all the years I have lived, at thinking myself so important up til now! Lol! We always hear, do not take yourself too seriously…..and boy have I ignored this advice. Now it looks like I finally see the point. We know nothing. We are in charge of nothing. We can plan but we never know what will be the outcome. Nothing can be predicted. We are simply simply vehicles doing our best, but the exact course we will be taken on, is an absolute mystery. So again surrender to it- that is the child’s response! And hence why they always look so happy!


  • I saw that I have run much of my life wanting to be in charge, and the fear to let this go, has been part of my own undoing. How crazy is that?  Where do these ambitious ideas come from? Sure, we have a calling to fulfill. Sure we have a unique perspective. But the exact way that it is all to unfold is unknown. We are simply puppets to a larger game at play. Our minds can never know. So the best we can do is follow our intuition moment to moment- and let the rest happen in our own let go………


  • Trust in what is unfolding moment to moment is the only wise response to challenges, the unknown, the adversities that chisel us and help us to find our backbone. So trust is the glue to happiness. Trust is the key. The key to a stress free existence. The doorway to our liberation from heartache. The way out of our own insecurity and fear. Trust is what we are being called to do.


So with that, I encourage all of us to TRUST AS MUCH AS YOU CAN, even if it is baby steps you take each day! Remember, the more we trust, the easier and more enjoyable our world becomes. The more full it becomes too.


Sending you as always warm encouragement to lean in to whatever you are facing right now, and be willing to find the hidden messages. They always hold wisdom worth our knowing.