BY Kindi Gill


 I have to make money

I am afraid of the unknown

My security is in money dummy,

Since if I trust “I” will be gone!


The voice of the ego

Is relentless in its desire to rule

This voice knows where not to go

Joy, happiness and love reveals it is only a fool


I am separate, is its only game

I am, I am, and I am for sure an island

At times its’ rigid and miserable shame

Manipulates us off our natural stand


Conditioned, and on auto pilot the ego responds

Guilt, judgment and criticism it fuels

Control measures to freeze creative ponds

Expansion and joy are both its fortunate duels!


Perfection and harshness stops bliss

And burdens for family, distracts us away

The ego finds unconditional love amiss

Scared that with gifts and a calling it will be slayed!


The ego demands we use others

And sadly takes them for granted

As “helping” may expand our feathers

Those seeds it quivers must never be planted


Without self-forgiveness there is no self-love

Without self-love there is no strength

Without strength, insecurity and insincerity drives

A life shattered to immeasurable lengths


We are capable to feel our way out

Unsolicited advice attracts a lack of respect

Self-validation and expectation games lead to doubt

Of our deepest knowing: the ego is a transcendable test!


 Surrender to accept that we are “nothing”

Take responsibility for full joy and freedom

Judgments imposed define miserable living

As those that attack, only seek help in this kingdom


 Only consciousness can displace phony conscience

Whist the Ego drama is an illusion of separation

Intelligence decides the real fragrance

With acceptance of both dark and light in total compassion


Living through suffering and experience

And seeing the projections thrown around

Unshackles our unconsciousness

And aids evolution, for new treasures to be found


The ego can never know what is right

Only existence reveals the truth in its glory

Recognition of our ambitious ignorance and plight

Cuts the old and its traumatic sorry story!


Sending love to all and everyone

Trust life, trust moments and trust intuition

Its not what is in it for me and then quickly run

We humans are one and THAT deserves our full attention!


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