unconsciousnessfateSo who is afraid of who?

Have you ever encountered people being scared of you, simply because they don’t understand you?

I have always had a deep thinking “head”, and one that couldn’t easily accept the status quo. This of course makes me a little scary to those that fear change and the unknown and particularly those that feel quite comfortable with the status quo. Lets face it, the mind likes to stay comfortable with what it knows. It is a mechanism that enjoys safety.

As a kid, I knew it was wrong to limit a woman to household chores, as if it was okay to cap her full potential. I pushed past old conditionings that claimed education was not for women, driven by societal fears in our culture that claimed a woman educated would become uncontrollable!

No-one could anticipate or imagine that an educated woman would raise her offspring in a more empowered way and thus she would have the potential to teach others how to live a happier life..including her sons! This of course aids everyone in the long run, and today Nobel Peace Prizes are offered to women who are courageous and campaigning for the key rights of education.

My fate could have been determined by a society that rightly or wrongly was conditioned by old ways of thinking, (its unconscious habits) or I could rise to the challenge and take on the personal responsibility to move past this outdated status quo and move on! (however much of a black sheep I had to be in the process). As much as certain things could have been my fate, being conscious and aware of the non serving restrictive oppression, helped me to shape my future.

In a similar way, we ALL carry unconscious habits stored in our psyche that are desperately seeking to be transformed, but because they are hidden from our obvious knowing (that is why they are called unconscious), and our education does not support or encourage inner exploration, we find ourselves delaying the important work of changing these habits into consciousness (greater joy and light), and even being scared of such an endeavour as if it is weird or wrong.

These invisible programs are ruining the quality of our life, even if it is not too obvious to us.

Take for example me, although I became educated, I still carried an ancestral belief that women are “not enough” compared to men. Despite the fact that I had defied all odds and achieved what most men do in the material world, internally I was experiencing self sabotage! Deep inside was a wound that needed healing, a wound that questioned my worth.

A wound that kept asking and forcing me to keep doing more and more, to prove my worth to the people around me, rather than to have an inherent knowing that I was enough, and nothing needed to be proven. These insecurities had no merit, and yet they persisted and stole happiness from me.

How could I not have had this belief? No-one readily applauds the birth of a girl in our culture, infact the opposite unconsciously happens, like a subtle hypnosis that is running through the blood of people in our culture. Has anyone stopped to notice what type of damaging affect this is having on the psyche of women and thus their happiness. And if women are not happy, what chance do they have to raise children that know how to be happy too?

How many women are raising kids whilst modelling the continual desire for outside approval by compromising themselves!? How is that helping anyone? What we model, our kids learn. How will that serve them too?

Who was to know that my mother’s courage to let me go to school would lead to her having granddaughters today that now speak for gender equality? The unconscious pattern being transformed is leading to ambassadors calling for change.

I am really excited that changes can happen individually at home. We just need a little courage to step past the fearful evaluation of our minds, understand that the fear will be short-lived, and soon surpassed by joy that is inexplicable.

Come join me in the juicy work of finding inner peace, calm and contentment. Looking forward to those that hear this call and resonate. 

Message me if you fancy trying small steps towards blissful transformation.

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