The transition into adulthood has its own challenges and gifts within. There is uncertainty as each unknown step is taken, and often the ability to trust oneself fully is lacking, thus disabling clarity and decisiveness.

At the same time there is excitement to harness our freedom and discover what type of new future we can create.

All of this can bring a lot of pressure and stress, learning how to navigate your individual path. We all want to feel like we belong, and so our peer group is extremely important.

There is however a delicate balance that has to be walked to avoid conforming to please or entertain others, and yet maintain our independence amongst our friends.

Staying self-motivated and becoming truly responsible for everything is often overwhelming, and so it becomes necessary to know how to shed this stress effectively.

Maintaining close connection with parents can sometimes be compromised as an urge to rebel and find our own way emerges.

Discovering how to step into new intimate relationships both confidently and authentically can also be a daunting prospect and sometimes brings new challenges.

I help you to:

In the process you also begin to


If you would like to work one-on-one and begin with the quick start transformation process with the Dalian method you can book a 2 hour meeting. This can be followed up with additional support and guidance in coaching calls that show you how to assist yourself so that you can say good bye to your previous challenges.

If you would like to join a group program in which you can build on the skills each week, consider option 2, a class once a week for five weeks. You will be taught profoundly effective and dynamic meditation techniques along with other innovative ways to educate yourself and transform.

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