Dads have a tough job. The patriarchal responsibility of providing for the family, along with excessive stress in pressurized work roles that demand long hours, can be depleting.

At times one can feel like a slave to a system. Yet finding ways to service both the financial obligations for the household and the duties at home as a hands-on father can be a juggling act!

Decisions based on a logical evaluation of risk versus reward in the choices we make, can become a source of constant stress and complaint.

In modern times the responsibility to be “everything”, a charismatic, loving, supportive, available, participative father, along with having A+ grades as a great partner to our spouse at home is often new ground too much for many.

Being emotionally sensitive and communicative can be less important when trying to achieve corporate success in a highly competitive world.

Dads have a natural instinct to prefer a reward and goal driven household. Often they struggle with understanding the irrational emotions that fly around in a home and anger can become their only tactic to address situations where a lack of connection transpires.

Dads usually know how to prioritize their own needs on their agenda and cannot tolerate or understand the chagrin of their wives and children.

If you are a man ready for change that wants to

If you wish to transform and find ways to lessen the burden of responsibility for your family, consider “Inward leadership” coaching. Discover how to transform struggles and challenges into health, happiness and wholeness.

Background information: Stress and Worry, Dalian Method , Judgment, How to understand anger, Observations of the ego


There are three options that I invite you to consider:

  1. For those of you that like group and regular consultation, book a weekly class once a week practicing with therapeutic meditations
  2. For those that have more time, and can do a deep dive for rapid stress relief and personal transformation
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