1. Architecture

When diverse combinations come together, miracles unfold!

When old architecture meets modern, our eyebrows are raised at the wonder it displays. This spot in France is one such example of this type of beauty…The Louvre.


  1. Family Diversity

Similarly when differing personalities come together in a family unit – sheer amazement arises as we look at the magic of how essential the individual pieces are! They each contribute their own charisma to make a wonderful whole.


We each come with our own ” juice and style” and get thrown together as a family unit to help one another to access our individual wholeness too.


At a surface level a family unit is comprised of:


A bunch of people with differing personalities ….

A bunch of people with differing strengths ….

A bunch of people with differing blind spots …….

A bunch of people with differing lessons to be learnt …..

A bunch of people with differing ambitions and hobbies …..

A bunch of people with differing tolerances……

A bunch of people with differing beliefs……., opinions, judgments, evaluations!



  1. Human Commonalities

So the key question becomes with so much that is apparently different, how do we find our human commonalities?


How do we make miracles happen as in the architecture example of the Louvre?


What purpose is being servd when all these combinations come together?


How to find unity?

How to find appreciation for one another?

How to understand and communicate with one another?

How to overcome the false ego power struggles?

How to maintain individual freedom and individual expression, and yet co exist in peace?

How to take responsibility for seeing & releasing our blind-spots, and yet feel accepted?

How to be unconditionally forgiving & accepting of one another?



  1. Transformation and Peace

THE ANSWER TO THESE very important QUESTIONS IS THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF FAMILY TRANSFORMATION….. the main objective for showing people how to be empowered and lead their own lives with dignity inside a wider group of people.



True happiness and contentment lies within PEACE, a feeling that can only be canvassed inside.


It cannot arise by controlling and forcing others to conform to our own ways.


Peace arises as we recognize that we “in the bigger picture” are insignificant, a “nobody”- who is not in charge of anything that is unfolding.


Our “in-chargeness” is to remain an observer of what unfolds, accepting it all as if we have chosen it for ourselves! In such a scenario we surrender to the present moment and maintain our internal peace.


  1. Let go

The stubborn traits that make us do/demand/fix/ act are reactions to help endorse the feeling of being a “somebody” ….. and all these behaviours display an unwillingness to let go!


And let go can only happen if we breath …..breath down from our head into our body.


When we hold our breath, we hold onto our “ego” too and our idea of being important and significant. So every time we find ourselves holding our breath, make that a reminder, that we are holding onto our ego, and our false idea of a separate existence.


Each day in a family unit we get to practice breathing and letting go!!! These opportunities arise without fail. That is why the family is always so diverse. The varying personalities give us the opportunity to learn how to remain peaceful and content within.


This is golden, since this is the most important opportunity in life. To feel whole inside and not fragmented by transient emotions and thoughts means we have become accepting and peaceful. With this accepting of ourselves and accepting of others, the universe becomes a unified whole.