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What if Material Success is Not Enough?

Money will give me power It represents abundance & choices The world could be my oyster “I must have” is heard in my inner voices To “have” certainly brings comfort – it provides But fulfillment and peace it clearly denies Achievement offers false-power rides A pedestal that pushes me to become wise! When my actions […]

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Leading our Youth into Authentic Leadership

Empowerment versus Self-Doubt So if a child decides they do not like to be involved in something; (which in your opinion is good for them) what do you do? Do you force them to do, or do you let them decide? If you force them, does it occur to you that you have given them […]

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A Mother is more Important than a CEO

  Its’ been a privilege to grow as a “mother” developed over the last 24.5 years.  None of us are born with a text book in our back pocket.  Some actions were instinctive, others learnt from my parents, and some simply came with experience, based on what was unfolding in my family life and my […]

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let go

Let Go- The Sane solution!

Happy day-light savings time! It is that time of year when the days get longer, and we might find more bounce and energy within? Is that you? So what happens if this season does not follow its normal pattern?   Here in Vancouver we have enjoyed/endured a lot of snow in the last five or […]

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Your MIND is the PROBLEM

    ♥ WE ARE ALL SIGNIFICANT♥   Our INDIVIDUAL voice matters in life, simply because we are ALL part of a giant tapestry, helping one another along in our journeys. The best way is to imagine that we are part of a big jigsaw puzzle, and our “place” in life is to share what […]

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Honesty is Too Risky?

When we decided to take this photo on holiday, we asked a professional photographer to take a picture of all of our family at this spot, on our fancy camera, instead of his.  His answer was “No”. He wasn’t able to fulfill this simple request. He was not going to get paid…so he had no […]

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Kindi and girls

How to achieve Conscious Family Unity

I have learnt the hard way that every unconscious thought that I have held, has created a reality around me in my family dynamics that can only be described as “hard work” and “not desirable”!  Business life was smooth sailing and easy, so the challenges that arrived for me were in the other half of […]

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Let Go

Let Go- Life is short, lets learn & make the best of it!

I have watched with interest, what happens after a family member dies, or is in the process of death: it is probably the most difficult and painful let go that human beings ever go through. The pain can be so excruciating that most choose to distract themselves from it. Death also acts as the greatest […]

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Our Mind- and its Obstructive Ways

I have observed an interesting process about the mind in the last few days in particular….First I have quietly observed and noticed what my head is saying about a variety of topics….   How do I feel? About myself? About someone else? Where does this feeling arise? What is the difference between being alone and […]

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Fear of the Unknown: How to change your fate!

So who is afraid of who? Have you ever encountered people being scared of you, simply because they don’t understand you? I have always had a deep thinking “head”, and one that couldn’t easily accept the status quo. This of course makes me a little scary to those that fear change and the unknown and […]

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