All adversity can be overcome and well-being internally that follows is as juicy as nirvana.

I had an awareness this morning in a cranial sacral therapy gifted to me by a friend that ” I deserve to receive”.

It was a deeply therapeutic moment in which I suddenly became OPEN to receiving abundance and love, as if it is a fundamental birth right of mine.

This was really interesting because up to now I had always felt I had to strive and push, work hard to achieve success, but with this awareness I simply relaxed into knowing I am simply worthy.

No longer the ” do-er” to make things happen but simply the “receiver” is such a fundamental shift to experience. It feels like peace descending from all corners and an acceptance that life will bestow…it is limitless in its ingenuity.

I am interested in knowing if you have ever stopped and asked yourself such questions:

“Am I happy to receive without being obligated back?”

“Is my presence worthy for good things?”

“Am I worthy of love?”

and if not ready to discuss openly I invite you to ask yourself privately. You might be surprised to see what surfaces in the contemplation.

I just had another thought. Do we feel we can have it all?

Do we genuinely think we are worthy of great health, great relationships, great kids, great internal psychology, great work life, great fun?

I just realised up to now I had accepted that something has to be missing. This is fundamentally flawed as a belief system: I am feeling and questioning…why not? why not have it all!!!

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