Kindi and girlsI have learnt the hard way that every unconscious thought that I have held, has created a reality around me in my family dynamics that can only be described as “hard work” and “not desirable”!  Business life was smooth sailing and easy, so the challenges that arrived for me were in the other half of my life, at home, particularly with my dynamics with my husband.


Take for example, the innocent thought that says “I am insignificant” or “I don’t matter”, arising because what I want is just ignored. This can be in our genetics, as a thought pattern that has been inherited, and as such it is hidden to the part of our brain that remembers things , nevertheless, our life will be affected in a detrimental manner because the imprint is in our cells. This seems unfair, but that is just how it is. We carry our parents and ancestors karmic lessons.

” Even genetics can be and have to be changed”


Based on the law of attraction, the  unconscious thought that says “I am insignificant” has to be matched by life circumstances in which you are being perceived as insignificant in your day to day life by the people around you. This is absolutely the way it has to manifest- this is unfortunately how life mathematics work.  If we had been educated to understand this early in our life, our world would be different, because less of us would feel like victims to our circumstances!


Say this example is stored in your genetics, and you have to endure life circumstances in which you are being perceived as being insignificant, you could rightly either feel like a victim or want to find a way out.  A question arises, when we look to get out. What is this type of suffering all about? How can I unravel the unconscious thought and transmute its power over my life, in order to experience a better life?

This is the key question that allows us to come out of victimhood and into empowerment…otherwise suffering just happens for the sake of it. When we can make this leap towards empowerment, our life magically settles back into more of what we actually want. This is the bit that is so exciting. Of course to make this leap we have to first take responsibility for our own life, so that we can uncreate the parts that are not working for us. This means we have to take action.

Taking responsibility for your life brings the greatest gifts”


This is exactly what I have been doing for the last eight years, layer by layer, with myself, using the Dalian Method and when necessary inviting each of my three children and husband to do the same for themselves too. We each have chosen to take responsibility for our outbursts, our moments of upset, our moments in which disappointments and clashes have arisen.  When kindness is not in every response, the pain forces you to try and address the underlying issues.



Whether it was for me, or my husband, my daughters or my son, the Dalian Method helped us to find what is hidden in the cells of our body, and thus whatever was in our unconscious and not known to us, but it was driving our reactive behaviour in an adverse way and once the method sourced the unconscious thoughts and patterns, the process then helped to transmute the power of the unwanted aspects. Like a puff of smoke, layer by layer, the old unpalatable behaviour in each of us, simply dissipated.


Can you see the full possibilities here? In this way the unconscious no longer sabotages your energy field and thus it becomes impossible to vibrationally draw in through the law of attraction, any circumstances that match your historic state. Those things truly becomes the past, and on route forgotten and forgiven. Let go happens easily


Like magic, previous encounters that felt unpalatable simply fall away. In fact they were only there in the first place to get your attention and their unpalatable nature was to invite you to go backwards and start seeking the originating unconscious state that was

  • creating the sabotage
  • long due to be transformed and
  • waiting to be transformed!


When we know this and are open to be educated in the mechanics of how life is created, we can simply relax in the knowing that we are constantly being “set up” to become curious to understand the challenges and get empowered to address them. Instead of feeling anxious about our adversity, we instantly become alerted to realize that more work needs to be done to transform our unconscious state into light. This in fact becomes systematically more and more enticing and exciting, because each time our life simply put, just improves. There are no downsides.

” The Dalian Method is like magic!”


When I say magic, I mean, within 10/15 minutes of completing the experience of going through the Dalian Method, your behaviour changes into a new state spontaneously from within, AND the people around you stop behaving in their old adversarial ways! Doesn’t that sound cool? You see, once your awareness alters, which is guaranteed to happen as a result of participating in this process, you no longer need those outside reminders of what needed to be transformed inside you. Doesn’t that make total sense to you?…….once the unconscious is transformed and transmuted, the outside circumstances that were driving you crazy become totally redundant, because they have already served their purpose. I love this part! The excitement to see my family dynamics improve every time one of us had the good fortune and sense to change, has been so rewarding and thrilling! Each time, we become a more loving and happier family unit.


As human beings we all seek unity. But many fears run as undercurrents in our dynamics with one another. In fact, all lopsided dynamics have at their root, a fear. Take for example the fear to be alone, which brings in circumstances in which you will feel alone. (as per the law of attraction)  When you clear this fear up, you no longer have to navigate all of your life alone anymore. Suddenly companions show up from nowhere for things that you have always been doing on your own! And your own feeling of anguish and pain around the aloneness simply evaporates too. It is like a heavy cloud just dissolves and disappears, and instead unity takes a front seat.


“You have all to gain by transforming your fears”

The fear to be rejected brings in circumstances in which you are rejected by others, whether that is through exclusion from a social event, or through recognition that other people are complaining about your actions behind your back. As soon as this fear of rejection is transformed, the people around you stop their drama. In fact they start to behave the opposite way, and applaud you for your effort!  I have found this so bizarre and obviously incredible when it has happened! With this fear gone, you yourself become more sociable and relaxed to take in the limelight. In fact you begin to enjoy your life more, as the judgments of others do not phase you.


The fear of death and discovering your whole life was meaningless, brings in moments in which we experience mental pain and sorrow, seeing our loved ones as strangers who have to be left behind and we suddenly see the truth of our lack of unity with our loved ones. Once this fear is transformed, without even asking the people around you, they suddenly become very supportive and friendly, wanting you to be given emotional and physical support you deserve. As for you, you become capable of expressing and making life choices that are in your own best interest. You are no longer interested in short changing yourself by stopping to please others ahead of living your own truth.


I hope you are getting the gist of this! I could give dozens and dozens of examples because the wonder that we as a family have experienced over the last eight years has been nothing short of amazing!. And of course this story will continue to evolve, as more work is done, since none of us ever become perfect……..(lol) Life is a continuous road of discovering new aspects, and slowly we chisel ourselves into diamonds!


I marvel at this way of parenting. It is such an empowering way to raise children, as they grow up with fewer needy wounds in their psyche. They begin to learn early about the attributes of self responsibility and acquiring a good healthy and positive attitude towards life. If a child struggles with worry, or anxiety, you as a parent recognizes that an unnecessary fear is getting in their way and you can guide them to clear it up.


When a child has a tendency to be afraid to make mistakes, it stops their excitement and solid trust in life to unfold. Can you imagine a child that totally trusts that every event in life is designed to help them to evolve? They grow up knowing that there is no such thing as perfection. They grow up knowing that mistakes do not exist. They grow up knowing that their own freedom in life is key and that everything else is simply asking them to take responsibility for their conclusions, emotions & beliefs and to help them to become more loving, inspirational and joyful through evolution in awareness. Trusting life is so much more joyful than being afraid of it.


All three of our kids had the tendency to worry, a habit they picked up inadvertently from their parents! This is like sending out a daily prayer to give them something unwanted…………. How silly is that?  We didn’t know better that we had been modelling nonsense to them! You can understand my delight when they have slowly started to see the folly of this approach and how the worry is just a response driven by fear. Now, they get to explore the unknown with wonder & curiosity. They each have learned how to use their gut instinct rather than their minds’ instinct to be afraid of survival. Their mind still tries to come in and cause chaos, and when it does, they know there is more fear to transform, and they become even more keen to find their gut instinct. This is like taking them out of their head and into their body and heart.


Through personal experiences, I have seen my own fears dissolve and my ability to let go increase. Previously I had been in a life of unnecessary pain and suffering!  Today I delight in seeing objectively! The attachments to things and people have been keeping me trapped in an illusion that has had me preoccupied in meaningless drama.  Of course moving to Canada from England, awoke the fear to let go of everything that I knew, and my attachments to the old life kept me in a loop of discomfort for a very long time. However now that I can experience life more in a “let go”, so it has become an easier life of sharing and delight. In fact true liberation and freedom becomes ours, as we learn how to be courageous and let go.


“Encourage the silver linings to surface in your challenges”

I encourage you to approach me if you are now ready to transform your own unconscious states into clarity, awareness and liberation.

From a personal perspective I feel that there is no other gift that is more important to share with your family. This to me is true love, as it is the only real road to sharing time with people in a beautiful way. As each learns how to come out of their emotional wounds, communication and relationships improve!

This work is about honesty and authenticity, It stops suppression, which only causes rifts in family dynamics. This work dissolves jealousy, anger, insincerity, and adds humility and compassion in our interactions. If we want arguments to stop, more harmony, peace and happiness in our family life, then there is nothing to lose in implementing these magical solutions into our life. Best of all, if our kids are shown this type of living early, they become self sufficient, responsible adults that know how to navigate their challenges with greater ease.

We have found that the Dalian Method helped us to be conscious of the stuff sabotaging our life and to awaken to the limitless potential and joy that resides within us. This method has amazing attributes

  • it reunites you with your gifts, your sense of value,
  • and helps you to feel fulfilled by setting you up to enjoy a life full of gratitude, abundance and creative excellence.
  • It helps to motivate you from within,
  • makes you more responsible for your own life and
  • energizes you into action.
  • Not only will it help in making you more aware and give you clarity,
  • it also awakens you from the illusions that exist in life,
  • expanding your consciousness into universal truths.

The beauty of course, is that success gets to be attained in life, but in a calm grounded and magical way, where stress and anxiety do not drive you.




Big hugs and love to you all <3