Spark Expansion Logo

This logo has been inspired by my own journey….how I evolved into feeling truly whole within. I feel excitement about sharing the logo story, since as you read you will feel the potential of the changes that you too can experience! Together we walk to co-create a happier life for all of us to enjoy.

The two colours:

I was from young a natural leader, very organized, determined, structured, logical and ambitiously goal driven (more male than female I would say!- the blue)

Dormant lay some of the disciplined routines that are required for the day to day functioning of life, ie the tasks that keep a home running, the nurturing aspects and receptive skills that joyfully embrace domesticity. (the red) As a child I remember actively avoiding such responsibility… this being a sign that it needed to be integrated within me.

In the last seven years, in particular, both worlds, the male and female inside have come together to make a wonderful whole! And best of all, I love both parts of me now! No one part is stronger and both together help me feel independent and complete. And hence the balance in the colour, red and blue in the logo design in equal proportion.

This is like the female genes of my mother coming into balance with the male genes of my father. And of course once they come into balance, internally I began to feel unity and all internal conflict, doubt, angst, worry, concern, stress dissolved.

The two shades, dark and lighter:

In the logo, the bottom darker shades of the two halves represent the dark heavier parts of life and the lighter aspects that are always longing to be lived are in the upper spheres of each half circle.

For example anger, frustration, jealousy, competition, manipulation, intimidation, blame and comparison are all qualities in the heavier nature of human life and I am depicting those by the darker shades. These live as much in the female part of our psyche as they do in the male part within.

The lighter aspects are loving- unconditional in every way, non-judgmental, creative, accepting, courageous, optimistic, all inclusive and full of joy and openness. The light sees everyone as an extension of itself and constantly strives to achieve unity.

These changes from dark to light, are a natural process whilst we live our lives, and they become everlasting in us, as lessons are learnt. Increased awareness canvassed through the Dalian Method helped to facilitate this change inside me in jet speed ways. As I grew into heightened consciousness, so my world came into greater balance and ecstasy.

I hope to inspire people to find their way through similar transformation and expedite their journey from the shadow side of their personality to the lighter side that we all crave. With this, greater joy and success in life is experienced internally and externally.

The feet of the person:

The feet are “red” in this logo, to represent the heart and its connection with feelings…….the feet are grounded in the earth and full of optimism, trust and confidence in life. It is similar to the attitude of a young child, adventurous and in awe with the magic of life, holding and trusting tight the pathway that its parents are opening up to her.

In this way I began to feel totally supported by nature and my dealings in life naturally uplifted others wherever I went. I so cherish this feeling of strength and my “phoney” old strong persona is no longer needed since my internal insecurities within have dissolved and I am able to surrender and trust the will of existence (my new parents)

The three stars:

The stars are about action and attaining our dreams and visions with integrity and authenticity and hence the blue star of achievement is positioned at the top. It is like the person in the logo is reaching for the stars in the sky as its vision.

However, the blue star is carefully underpinned with two red stars. This represents that all action thus comes into fruition without ever hurting another human being as the red stars depict social and emotional integrity, canvassed through heightened self-awareness.

In this way I know that my intentions are pure and my core desire is to elevate another. This is the overriding objective and all change in the world thus becomes a win-win. I am nurtured by being able to share my gifts and creativity and my clients are nurtured into greater fulfillment too.

The circle and the person:

And the last part of this logo is to depict wholeness, a complete circle, which is as expanded as the universe….and thus is limitless in its potential.

This is how I feel about the possibility for each of us to discover our unique gifts and bring them into the universe as our signature contribution and legacy.