1. NEED: Ask yourself how attractive a need is? When someone wants something from you, how willing are you to give? Is it not more fulfilling to give when someone is not asking or demanding anything from you? Does it not feel more exciting and inviting to offer when someone is least expecting it? Ask yourself […]

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The Three Keys to Happy Children that love to talk to you!

Happy Children: 3 Keys to Great Communication. 1.Vulnerability to Love Wholeheartedly: The Heart It is really difficult as parents to acknowledge our vulnerable moments in a safe way.  We are the authority and our vulnerability can be frightening for our children to fully understand. If we worry too much about their welfare, they close the […]

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Bliss beyond Judgment

Judgment by Kindi Gill 4 October 2015 She is bossy She is strong He is controlling He is argumentative She is insecure She is dumb He is miserly He is a user She is a people pleaser She is resentful He is jealous He is unsupportive She is needy She is frustrated He is angry […]

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Overcome Fear: 7 Gifts Reveal themselves

The 7 gifts behind Fears There are seven main benefits or gifts hidden behind fears. These gifts surface spontaneously. The only effort that needs to be made, is to transform the fear. The rest happens by itself as a natural consequence and reward for our effort. I personally feel embarking on a journey of self […]

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How to understand Anger

“Anger…like a fire can burn up everything in sight. In the ashes are born many possibilities! We can stay stuck, or take responsibility to discover our triggers and transcend these tendencies” -Kindi Gill Anger – Is it Good or is it Bad? When I was younger I was frightened of anger outside of me. I […]

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5 Ways to Induce Internal Happiness

I am sitting here on a Sunday night and reflecting on the week. Have I learnt anything new….like experienced something that I had never encountered before this week? And whatever it was, big or small, had it evoked joy in me? I am asking, if the action of creating a new experience is enough in […]

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