Free Event: Eradicate Stress out of Family Life

January 9th 2016 4pm to 6pm Free presentation on a revolutionary way to improve your own life AND your family life. Introducing the Self Healing Dalian Method and Active Meditations. Learn how to rapidly transform your day to day human challenges into joyful opportunities. Discover how to change worry, guilt, disappointment, confusion, stress, “let downs”, […]

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We inadvertently ridicule THE TRUTH!

When I was younger if someone had told me that my thoughts are creating my reality I would have laughed in disbelief. When I was younger someone actually told me that meditation is necessary and I dismissed it with total ridicule. When I was younger if someone had told me that our DNA can change, […]

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Are you worthy of love?

NIRVANA All adversity can be overcome and well-being internally that follows is as juicy as nirvana. I had an awareness this morning in a cranial sacral therapy gifted to me by a friend that ” I deserve to receive”. It was a deeply therapeutic moment in which I suddenly became OPEN to receiving abundance and […]

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Practical Facilitated Experience with the Self Empowering Dalian Method

Experience a Facilitation Appointment with Kindi: Get step by step practical insights on how to use the Self Healing Dalian Method, along with your first guided PRACTICAL experience. Enjoy a personal transformational encounter with this profound tool, and start your process into an alchemical change of heightened self-awareness. Emotional and and Social Intelligence catapults. Take […]

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