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Welcome What is “Not So Nice” in Us!

“To be conscious of yourself, you need to welcome your unconscious darkness as much as you welcome the light.” -IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS: Healing into Consciousness by Mada Eliza Dalian I remember there was a time when I truly believed that I had no “darkness” – I felt that everything I did was “good”! […]

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Affirmations – and How We Can Go Beyond

When I was the CEO of a group of companies in the UK, I had motivational quotes and positive affirmations around me everywhere…at work and at home. I used them to inspire myself and my colleagues. I loved the sound of strong inspiring statements and melted when I heard ideals coming from change-makers, that had […]

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Painful Times – and How They Help

“Life is a journey of self-discovery. No matter how painful at times, every experience brings us closer to our True Self.” -Mada Eliza Dalian As a kid, I often wondered why many of the adults around me were so burdened and inflicted with “bad things that happened” to them. I could not understand why these […]

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Let’s Be Free

The phrase “Let’s be free” left me contemplating. It made me wonder about the word freedom…is it “freedom from something” or is it “freedom to do something”, or does the word actually represent both? Freedom from – has a sort of reactive quality, and in my life I have found that if there was a […]

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Worrying Serves No Purpose!

EVERYTHING JUST SEEMS SOOO IMPORTANT IN LIFE! We worry about anything that might affect us adversely. That appears totally logical to the mind and thus worry becomes an absolute necessity. After all the fear of death is hanging over our heads all the time. We worry about making enough money to cover our survival needs, […]

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Quote by Mada Eliza Dalian

Love Everything About Yourself

“Love everything about yourself…including what you dislike, judge and repress!” -Mada Eliza Dalian Loving everything includes my body shape…and oh boy have I spent years and years disappointed with my curves, to only find that as I look back over the years, I have had such wasted moments of upset…relative to my current shape I […]

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Happy Face in a Rock

Hello world! – BE HAPPY

Really happy to be sharing my words of wisdom on this blog! I am going to start with a story about joy and expansion…and hence the beginning of visibility on a blog for me…this is both joyful and expansive! We were recently in Joshua Tree national park and asked to find a quiet spot and […]

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